Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recent New Books and New To Me Authors

These are the following 4 books I brought most recently. If you click on the authors name below each books, it'll take you to their website where you can learn more about each books. I am already familiar with Jennifer Blake and Lori Foster (been their reader for very long time and I do recommend you to read them!) but only Stephanie Tyler and Sara Lindsey is new to me authors. They caught my attention by words of the mouths, reviews and Synopsis. And I thought the covers art are beautiful, sexy and intimate made. And yes, I sure love my romance, alpha men and I'm a die hard series books reader too :)

1. Hold On Tight by Stephanie Tyler
(romance suspense/trilogy or series?)
2. Triumph In Arms by Jennifer Blake (historical romance/series)

3. Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsey(historical romance)
4. Back In Black by Lori Foster(contemporary romance/series)


Melody said...

Enjoy the books, Julia! I'm not familiar with those except Lori Foster's. Then again, I haven't buy her latest since I've yet to read this series. Need to remedy that! :P

Julia said...

*chuckle* - It might make you feel better to know that I have not started on these series by Lori Foster yet. But you already know I like reading the author's books in the past *grin*. Thanks for visiting me :)