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Autumn's Concerto
Drama movie review

WARNING: There will be LOTS of spoiler ahead, so read at your own risk! ;)

My mother got me sorta addicted to watching Korean drama movie and drama serial online a year ago. I've seen couple of drama serial that I did enjoy. I even discover some great Asian actors (lot hunks!*grin*) I like. And try to watch every shows/movie that the actors starred in LOL. I kinda stopped watching it after awhile so that I can start reading more books. Recently my blogger friend, Melody got me addicted to watch this Taiwanese drama serial title Autumn's Concerto and I love it! Darn it Melody LOL! So, we decided to do a Q&A together of this show. Sorta like a joint-drama serial/show together *grin*. Please forgive me for any errors spelling and grammars :)

Melody Questions:
1) What are your views of the hero and the heroine from the beginning? Do you think there is indeed chemistry between them despite the difference of their personality and their status?

- Yep I sure do think there is chemistry between them. The reason I said that is because I knew there going to be a hate/love relationship coming a mile away *grin*. My views of the hero was that he was so mean. Truly mean. But then he seem to have an issues that is coming from home because he had an bad boy attitude in him. I like bad boy type of guys in movies and books *grin*. I thought the heroine was brave to confront him at the beginning during their first meeting. But I also thought she change a lot there after too. She have gone softer on him. And that probably because she have finally let go of what happen to her in the past, where she was the victim of sexual harassment by someone close in the family. And was able to get closer and warm up to the hero.

2) What makes you think the hero changed his opinions on the heroine thereafter?

- I think after he seen her emotional breakdown when he demanded her to have sex with him. Also when he discover she became a victim of sexual harassment, he became softer toward her. And I think she remind him of himself because they both had same childhood situation. They both lost their parents. And also they both have likeness hobby in common too.

3) After the hero knew about his brain tumor, he refused to seek further medical assistance from his mother's friend, somewhat knowing he would feel obligated and be pressured to enter a relationship with his daughter. At this stage, do you think he is doing the right thing by saying no to the help he might get?

- I think if I was in his mother shoes, I would have done the way she plan it because if there no other options to have higher percent of success surgery, then I would have want to take whatever opportunity for my child to have the chance to have a successful surgery and live. Although I don't fault the hero for refusing to seek medical assistance from his mother's friend. Because I weren't want to be pressure to be in relationship with someone I don't love. I weren't want to feel like I've been put through exchange marriage or have to feel like I own them back a favor.

4) So finally the heroine has somehow convinced him into getting medical assistance, but as a way of telling a white lie. If you were the hero, would you blame her for deceiving you in the first place?

- Yes I would. But then I would come to understand that she did it only because she love me enough to want me to live. And it was the only best choice of having successful surgery.

5) The heroine has chosen not to rekindle her relationship with the hero after the success of his surgery, partly given the fact that he couldn't remember her after the surgery. Do you think it's fair to their young son since he has the right to know who his father is?

- I think every child have the right to know who their father is. No matter if the father is bad or good person. No matter what the situations is a child deserve to know their father and the father need to be with their child. So I don't think it fair to him. Beside I love that kid! He just a cute and smart boy :)

6) Is it true that if you love a person, then you should let him/her go under certain circumstances?

- Oh goodness. Not sure how to answer this question lol. I think that if you love someone you have to let them go. Because sometime it all for the best at the times. It give you room to grow up and have a chance to do the things you must do in order to learn more about yourself. If many years from now gone by and the person realized s(he) love you back, then that person will find you. Or fate will guide both of you together somehow - someday. Gosh, I hope this make gibberish sense to you LOL

Julia Questions
1) The show seems to have shown us many different kind of violence issue against women that are still happen today, e.g. abuse, sexual harassment, stalker, hitting..etc. What are your thoughts in how the show portrays the issues and did you find it realistic? Why or why not?

- In all honestly, I was surprise to see some issues in the movie. At first I was confuse in what the heroine was doing at the beginning until I realized she is one of the victims. While the reaction of the female were realistic to the feeling of being scared and fearful, the action taking for the men punishment for their crimes didn't happen the way I would have want it. Mainly the crimes focus on the female violation and their right to file a case to court.

2) Being a single parent is no easy task. In the show, the heroine had raised her son for 6 years with some assistance from her friends. Life is tough and yet she managed to take care of her own son, bring foods to the table and find home in village. The mother strength comes from their own children. What did you think of the heroine's role and the way she handle this kind of life?

- I really admired her ability to raise her child and yet managed to make a living, no matter big or small, for herself and her child. But I think she have already learn to take care of herself since she was raised by her "aunt". And she had to work to make living for both herself and her "aunt" at the time. So it come to no surprise to me how well she can handle this kind of life with her son in the village where she stay as a single parent.

3) The little kid plays an important role in this show. The kid brought his parents closer together again. And he even got closer to his grandmother too (which he never knew of their relationship until the end). He also brings out the good in everyone who's in his life. What is it about the kid, who seems to bring people together?

- I admit I LOVE this kid. He sweet, charming, funny and smart. Sometime I just want to hug him when he is feeling down or when he is sad. He talkative and very delightful that grown up can't help but love the kid. Sometime when he know someone doesn't like him, he tried very hard to change their mind. By getting closer and talk to them. Sometime I think he is 5yrs old going on 20yrs old - I just want him as my own son LOL!

4) The hero and heroine started out with a love/hate relationship. But what bring them close together was understanding each other background history. And the kind of childhood life they were raised to be. If the heroine and hero situation was turn around, do you think their life will be any different or would it be the same? Do you like love/hate relationship type in movies

- I do enjoy love/hate relationship because it interesting to see how the characters interacted and reacted with each others. And the characters will grow with each others as time goes by. I always look for this themes in books or movies. I think if the situation was switch place between the heroine/hero then it would have been different. The heroine would be rich, given up child for adoption, became a lawyer and never have to go through abuse or sexual harassment. While the hero would live in village with friend and maybe through fate, adopted the baby that heroine gave birth to without even knowing it his child.

5) The movie had shown that heroine and hero are destined to be together, So many scenes show fate appear to play role in the movie also. No matter where they go, they will meet again. Do you believe in fate?

- I think things happen for a reason. And I think that couple are meant to be together if they were sent by fate. Especially for an example, returning to the scene where they first started their meet. One of my favorite scene is when the hero and heroine sorta "bump" into each other again when the heroine were on the bus and hero driving his car. They were taking back almost to the same scenes like it at the beginning except for this time, they sorta didn't see each others even though both were there at same time. There were other scenes too but I don't want to spoil it.

6) Secondary characters play a role where they help hero/heroine in so many ways. What did you think of the secondary characters/couple?

- I really like the secondary male character. He was sweet, cute and funny. He was also protective and sorta like a best friend/brother I want to have. I was sad for him when he finally realized the heroine love him but not in love with him. He also realized that she love the hero more. I was so happy when he did get his HEA though, even when I think the girl is kinda weird and crazy LOL! I was rooting for their HEA at the end too :)

I hope you enjoy my answer to the Q&A post. If you like to see Melody answers then please visit her at Melody's Reading Corner

Thanks to Melody for recommend me to see this show. I love it and enjoy every moments of it. Love all the characters and the loves between heroine and hero. I hope to someday watch another show with you ;)


Melody said...

I enjoyed reading your answers, Julia! I had a great time comparing notes with you through those emails, hehe.

I'm definitely looking forward to the day where we can watch another drama! :P

Julia said...

It was also fun going through scenes after scenes with you while I was watching it teehehee. Although your answers were so much better than mine teehee

Melody said...

I think your answers are great too! :)