Thursday, June 03, 2010

50 Challenge Books: May

In the last two months I've read 6 books. Now since school is out and summer is near, I only able to read 4 books for May. But I've read totals of 20 books since January. I know that not enough totals of books read but it's sad list of totals read this year so far, right? I think I be reading less during the summer since the kids will keep me up on my toes, while their mom get away with work ;) There still too many pending reviews I need to post, but I do my best to get to them ASAP! Cross fingers that I've some reading done this summer :)

I have not post a reviews for each books yet, so there won't be a link to take you directly to my reviews. But I promise to post it whenever I have the chance.


17. Irresistible by Susan Mallery 4 stars (contemp romance)
18. Delicious by Shayla Black 4 stars (erotic romance suspense)
19. Extreme Danger by Shannon Mckenna 4 1/2 stars (erotic romance suspense)
20 Over the Edge by Suz Brockmann
(re-read 3rd times/joint-read with Alice) 5 stars (romance suspense/military)


Melody said...

I read far lesser books this year as compared to the last, but I think as long as we are enjoying what we are reading, it is good enough, don't you think so? :)

Julia said...

Yep it true, as long as we enjoy what we're reading then it good enough :)