Saturday, May 01, 2010

Book Weekend & Update

Last week, I brought two books. And they are Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery which is her latest and brand new Fool's Gold series. I also got In Shelter Cove by Barbara Freethy, the latest Angel's Bay book #3. Looking forward to read both very soon, since I have enjoy books by them in the past :)

Then today, on a Saturday, I brought more books. I finally got my copy of Nora Roberts' book #3 In The Bride Quartet Savor the Moment ! I've been waiting to read Laurel and Del story for awhile now, since their encounter from Bed of Roses. I also got Christy Reece's book #3 Last Chance. I have yet to read the first two books of this "Chance" trilogy (is there more on the work?) but from the blogs reviews and 'words of the mouth' I've read, these books seem to get a good grade from the readers. I hope to start reading these trilogy soon. And lastly I brought Rachel Gibson's latest book Nothing But Trouble. This book seem to get good grade as well. I've read Gibson's books in the past and have enjoy them so far :) two weeks ago, I finish I'm In No Mood For Love and thought it was delightful reading. I still have few more of her books I need to start reading, which is still sitting somewhere in my TBR pile *grin*.

Right now, I'm currently reading Janet Evanovich older book Manhunt with my two non-blogger friends. I like it because it is short and sweet. I've read few of Evanovich's older books and couldn't get through it. I still read her Stephanie Plum series, but not lately. Well have to remedy that soon. I am also reading Lisa Kleypas' Mine Till Midnight and so okay. I'm probably concentrating too hard because I can't seem to get into the story. So far I do like the two main characters but I have not yet to read it further to see where their relationship is heading to. But at this point I'm thinking of pulling the DNF of this book. Should I keep reading? I will never know it'll get better later, right? So far books I've read are all okay. But I don't know if I be reading other books.

I will put together of all the books I've read for the month of April, here soon. May is going to be an exciting month, because there are many books I'm looking forward to get my tiny hand on. I can't wait! Happy reading and have a good weekend everyone!


Alice Teh said...

Hey Julia, I'm happy to know you've got your copy of SAVOR THE MOMENT! It's still not available in my bookstores yet. I'm contemplating getting it online. I definitely want to continue reading this with you if that's OK with you. :D

Betty said...

Sounds like you had a great month. I always enjoy a good Nora Roberts book. I'm currently reading an interesting fiction medical terrorism/thriller called The Ovary Wars by Mike Hogan. It's about trying to find out what is destroying women's ovaries; it is biological, terrorism or something else...? I'll look forward to your May list of books.

Julia said...

@Alice - Okay

@Betty - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy Nora Roberts as much as I do. Which is your favorite? I hope you are enjoy The Ovary Wars, when you finish the book :) Happy Reading!