Sunday, May 09, 2010

Weekend: Books
Happy Late Mother's Day!

Last Saturday, I went to my normal grocery/books shopping and plus brought gift for Mother's Day. There wasn't much books to buy today, but I've been buying too many books recently! You can see the two books I brought today below. My family and I took mom out to eat at Nagoya, a Japanese Seafood buffet restaurant. She love the place. And today they offer a free special wine to all the mom who came to eat, with their choice wines. Mom favor the Merlot wine and was happy about it ;) When ever we go there I'm always eating snow crabs and honey chicken with noodles. These are my favorite. Mom also received a dozen of red roses from me and little brother. She love flowers (and even grow flowers in our yards) so we knew we weren't be screw with this gift ;) We had great time.

Wishing everyone a Happy late Mother's Day! Happy Reading! :)

Straight Up by Deirdre Martin
Line of Fire by Jo Davis


Melody said...

Glad you had a great weekend, Julia! That's so sweet of you and your brother to buy roses for your mom! Roses is one of my favourite flowers, besides tulips that is. :)

Julia said...

Mom love roses but my favorite is tulips too! But then mom love all type of flowers lol :)

Literary Feline said...

It sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day with your mother, Julia.

I'm guilty of buying too many books recently too. Now that I'm actively cleaning out my shelves and culling my book collection, I hope that I will slow down. It's nice to have space for all the books again. Well, at least for most of them. :-)

Julia said...

@Wendy - I did, thanks :)

I probably would need to start placing some of the books I don't want to library to donate. I fear my TBR pile will tumble down if the tower does not go down soon LOL :) Have a good weekend!