Friday, June 04, 2010

Weekend: Books
Delay Post

I've delay posting books that I've brought over the last two weekend. I have no reason other then being over tired and holidays (Memorial's Day) weekend. But it has been an interesting to find books that I've waited so long to get copy of. Like Sugar Creek and Skin Tight and Fade to Midnight for example. I've already read book #1 of the first two books. So I'm excited to read book #2. I'm a huge fan of Shannon McKenna, so I was really excited when book #10 (maybe it #6?) came out. But was really surprise that it in hardcover instead of the usual trade size paperback like the way all the McCloud Brothers series books are in the past. I had to pay lot of extra price for the book - eh! But McKenna have been my auto buy anyway *sigh* -- guess I have to deal with it *double sigh*. I'm also a fan of Shannon K Butcher's romance suspense books and I'm so excited that she had new paranormal series book out, The Sentinel Wars is the book #3 I believe.

I brought the following books, see below. Not all books was brought at same, since I want to follow the release dates of each books. Bella Andre, Robin Wells and Karin Harlow are all "new to me authors", which was raves, recommend and words of the mouths to me by readers and friends. And I'm looking forward to read the books.

Click each book titles, it'll take you to the authors' site and directly to the books for more info.

Fade to Midnight by Shannon McKenna
Running Scared by Shannon K Butcher (paranormal romance)
Sugar Creek by Toni Blake (romance)
Skin Tight by Ava Gray (contemp/paranormal romance)
Never Too Hot by Bella Andre (contemp romance)
Still the One by Robin Wells (contemp romance)
Enemy Lover by Karin Harlow (the bind said romance but I thought it paranormal romance?)

Happy Reading Everyone! :)


Melody said...

You bought a lot of books, Julia! Happy reading!! :)

Julia said...

Did it seem like I brought a lot of books? It didn't to me, because I brought some of the books on differ weeks. I guess that why ;) Thanks, and Happy reading to you too Melody!

Melody said...

It seems to me now that you compiled them all in one post, hehe.

Julia said...

teeheheehe - I guess :)

Literary Feline said...

That does seem like a lot of books when put together. :-) I hope you enjoy your new books, Julia!

Julia said...

@Wendy - Thanks! And I hope you enjoy your books as well :)