Thursday, July 01, 2010

Books Weekend
Last few weeks ago

Sorry for posting this late, as I got so busy that I'm slacking on updating my blog. So here the rundown of what happen with me in the last few weekend....

In the last three week, I went to B&N and Borders but find nothing new that I want. It seem most of the books that I want will be releasing in July. So I decided to get a copy of Dark and Deadly by Jeanne Adams. It's one of the book that I have been wanting to read for a long while. After reading Dark and Dangerous, I just knew I must read the next book! However, I wait far far too long to get a copy of Dark and Deadly until three weeks ago. This book was published in Jan 6, 2009, so you can tell how long it has been ;)

For many years now, I've heard good raves about Lisa Marie Rice. And been meaning to try her "Midnight" series, but just never had the chance to read them yet. I notice that these books were first published in paperback format but is now available in Kindle eReader. I don't own a eReader, so I'll get it in paperback eventually. It is hard to find it at my local bookstore because these are published from Ellora Cave paperback and it doesn't last that long in bookstore. Sorta like once it is released then you gotta get it before it all gone. Unless you order it online, it easier to get it quickly. Two weekend ago, I went to Barnes and Noble again and saw three of Lisa's Dangerous series in paperback and it's published by Avon Red. I decided to get the first two, since I knew if I don't then it be gone later. And I'm hoping that the third book will still be there when I come back the next weekend and grab a copy of that one. And then maybe start on the series sometime next month...depending on the mood I am in ;)

Then this Tuesday, I brought four more books. I was excited and couldn't wait to bring them home with me *grin* I think I heard them sigh as I put them into my TBR you think the TBR books is whispering to the newbie about their on going plan to conspiracy against me? Maybe I shall put the OUTLANDER book at the very top of the piles, to keep them from coming to me...yeah that would work LOL! ;) Here are the books I brought this Tuesday:

- Unspeakable by Laura Griffin (The Tracers Series book 2)
- Almost Perfect by Susan Mallery(Book #2 Fools Gold series.
More info here
- Crazy For Love by Victoria Dahl (stand alone?)
- Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice (Dangerous series book #3)

In July, I'm looking forward to get the following books:

- Dangerous Desire by Dee Davis(book #2 A-TAC series)
- Cold Sight by Leslie Parrish (book #1 Extra Sensory Agents)
- Infamous by Suzanne Brockmann
- The Search by Nora Roberts(new book - stand alone)
- The House of Rohan by Anne Stuart (free ebook, it a prequel first start on her upcoming new historical trilogy of The House of Rohan book. The link above for Anne's book shall take you to the blog about prequel free ebook. And to read more info on the first three upcoming trilogy, you can see it here

There might be more books in July, but at the moments I either blanking on them or I don't have that information, and no one tell me about it ;)

I've been watching So You Think You Can Dance, and am rooting for Alex Wong - the Asian ballet dancer who did an awesome hip hop dance with the previous All Stars Switch, this week. I was so darn surprise of his dance, not expecting for him to pull it off with hip hop dance since his dance style is contemporary/ballet(which is brilliant!). I was so excited for him that he did it! His first performance was great too but his second was not. And the hip hop number this week was the best of the two, IMO. Alex is my favorite and I hope he win. I want to show the video clip of his hip hop but it not available online yet (maybe show it later). I also like Billy too and hope he at lease make it to the final. There are other TV shows I'm trying to keep up with during their re-run schedules for the summer. But will talk about that another time ;)

This Friday will be my youngest niece Heather 20th birthday. And then this Sunday will be the 4th of July. And next Saturday will be elder niece Trish 21st birthday. I think my hair just turn gray, at the thought of her at age 21 :::thuds:::! But there be lot of things for me to celebrate on the month of July. And I'm looking forward to spending the time with both nieces on their special day, if not then in spirit :)

Have a good day everyone! Whatcha be doing on the month of July? :)

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Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia! I almost bought THE SEARCH while in Singapore last week. The book was already there. I didn't, though.

Enjoy all your new books!