Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July Everyone! :)

It's is 2:18am (US times) in the morning (yes I am night owl)and today is 4th of July and we'll be eating at restaurant for an early brunch with the kids whose my parents became god-parent to. Turn out the elder girl b-day is today. So we going to celebrate it. Then later, I be heading to my friend's house for a burger cook out. Of course they'll be cooking something else too, but I don't know what yet. And then we'll see firecracker at night, afterward. I be bringing drinks and home-made desserts. Yes, I'm making it teehee. This will be the first time for me to make Key Lime pie and Peaches pie. I'm not great at cooking but I have try my best when I made other stuffs that turn out good as result. The Key Lime pie and Peaches pie, is not fancy though because it only done with yogurts, jello and cool whip. But I heard from many others that it turn out great for them. That what made me excited to give it a try ;)

Just few minute ago, I prepare my pies ahead of time so that I can have it in the fridge over-night. And then it'll be ready when I bring them to my friend's house. I admit while I was preparing the pies, I was nervous as I mixed the ingredients together and then pour it into the pie's crust. I was praying through out the progress of mixing them, that the result will turn out great when it time to eat it later...please pray for me LOL! I'm thinking it'll be too watery or something. I might take pictures of my pies IF it turn out the way it suppose to be. And I might tell you what everyone think when they take a bite of the pies. It sure look gooood when I finally put them up in the fridge. Can't wait to give it a try when it time to eat it.

Now, I need to go lay me to sleep so that I can have all the energy when I wake up later in the morning to enjoy the day with my wonderful family and friends. And to enjoy all the good foods lay on the tables for me to eat! Goodnight beautiful people, see you tomorrow and sweet dream....Happy 4th of July Everyone! Have a good weekend and happy reading! :)


Melody said...

Happy 4th of July! Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend! :)

Julia said...

@Melody - thanks! And yes I sure did had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by :)

Alice Teh said...

This comes a little late, but still, Happy 4th July!

Julia said...

@Alice - thanks!