Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lone Rider by Lauren Bach

Lauren Bach info
Pub. Date: November 2001
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 304pp
ISBN-13: 9780446611145
ISBN: 044661114X

Synopsis from back of book:

A woman in desperate need of rescue...
A deserted stretch of highway, a young woman stranded in a fancy car, and the sound of motorcycles in the black night...Tess Marsh's cross-country trip ends all too suddenly when Dallas Haynes finds her. From his sexy bedroom eyes to his black leather jacket and dusty jeans, he spells trouble, but so does the nasty-looking biker gang that surrounds them. Within minutes, Tess is on the back of Dallas's Harley, and at the mercy of a man who breaks through all of her defenses and makes her want him -good or bad, right or wrong.

An unlikely savior in leather and jeans...
Dallas' mission doesn't need another complication, yet from the moment he sees her he wants her with a rough, hungry passion that can hurt them both. Claiming her and abducting her is the only way to protect her from the gang. Then all hell breaks loose, and Dallas and Tess are on the run with no place to hide -- except in each other's arms.

The blurb pretty much explain what the story is about. So I'm just gonna say a little bit of what my feeling of the book. But first let me explain that this book is also one of the depending review that I delay for longest time now. Sorry for the long wait - Sorry for the short review ahead! :)

From the beginning, it started out really good but then right in the middle it kinda fell through out for me. Okay yes, it was enjoyable with actions but I wish for more excitement, thrilling and it didn't live up to that expectation. The book was sensual, hot and there a few steamy scenes. I love the hero, he was the bad boy type but yet at same time he was mysterious and protective.

we see the mystery Dallas capture Tess and made her his. But all the while, he kept telling her that she can trust him and ask her not to do something that will put herself in danger. But she unsure if she can trust him because while he made her afraid, he also made her feel safe. she get afraid every time she around the gang as well. Until he made her feel in a way no one had ever made her feel. And the closer she got with the Dean the more she is fallen in love with him. Then she discover his secret and wonder if he was who he said he is to be when they were together with promise of loves to one another. She wonder if everything he said was the truth or not.

For awhile, I was thinking Tess was such TSTL heroine. I understand her being scared and frighten especially from these dangerous biker people but the action she taking could have causes her life and Dallas. But the ending of the book was well done and from most part, I enjoy those scenes. I wish to read more pages to the ending though and more relationship development. I did enjoy the book for most of the half part of the story but wish there more to it.

Grade: 3.75

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Melody said...

I think I read this book a few years back. I can't remember what I thought of the book though but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Alice Teh said...

Sometimes you just wish that a book can be better but things like that happens sometimes. It's still interesting, though. :)

Julia said...

@Melody - I did recall you telling me that you've read one of Bach's book. I wish I knew which one thought.

@Alice - Yeah I know what you mean. When the beginning seem to be promise thing, it all go a little down hill after that in the middle. Oh well. But it is good book though :)