Monday, July 05, 2010

The Day After 4th of July ;)

This is the day after 4th of July post *grin*. Remember yesterday when I said I will post my finish pies IF it turn out the way it suppose to? Well I think it turn out great. All the Key Lime pie are gone and the only left is the Peaches pie. I tried taken pictures of the pies inside, but the result didn't turn out good. I probably need to re-take the pictures again. However I did take it at the top and it look delicious. Here what it look like (see bottom).

We went to King Buffet restaurant earlier that afternoon on the 4th of July. It's one of our family personal place we like to go and eat. We had lot of fun. I always love the Snow King crab's legs that is serve there. And that the first thing I will eat. Then I eat the Veggie Lo Mien noodles, Honey Chicken, Mushroom pour in their special sauce, some french fries. For desserts: watermelon and fudge ice cream.

The cook out and firework in the backyard, was fun. We had Hamburger, hot dogs, sausages, BBQ ribs, brownies, watermelon, Key Lime pie, Peaches pie, chocolate banana pudding bread, chips and drink choice: Fanta strawberries or coke. I wish I took picture of the foods but too much was going on all at once that I forgot. But I did had so much fun spent with my friends!

Today, my lovely sweet niece Trish came down for a unexpected nice surprise visit. We always love to see her whenever we can. Today we spent a day with her, so we head over to the mall and then we went to eat. Later, she had to head home as she didn't want to come home in the dark. So although we spent only a day with her, I had a good time. I hope she visit us again, real soon. I already miss her :)

I'm looking forward to this Saturday coming up. Nora Roberts new hardcover book The Search is coming out this Tuesday! I love her books and always excited whenever her books are out. Also, I be getting Dee Davis' Dangerous Desires, Leslie Parrish's Cold Sight and Shiloh Walker's The Missing that same Saturday as well. Is there any other books I'm forgetting? ;)

I wish everyone a good day! :)

My Key Lime pie and Peaches pie:
(click images to see it larger)


Alice Teh said...

I want some of those pies! LOL!

Julia said...

@Alice - LOL, come and get them teehee ;)

Cmate said...

The green colour one looks a bit like.... slime. But the pink one looks tempting. YUmmy!

Julia said...

@Cmate - that why it call "Lime Key" pie LOL! :) Both are yummy by the way :)