Saturday, August 14, 2010

50 Challenge Book: June/July
Laptop Woes

First let me say, that a few days ago I lost everything that I have kept as backup in my memory stick. I had a laptop with a personal password set up. Rewind to last month (or the first week of August) when my AC adapter went dead. I had to buy another one in order to get my laptop running. The order purchase took a week or two to deliver to my door. Forward to the day when I got it, I plug in my AC adapter into my laptop to get it charging. While it was booting up, I got to the part where I was to type up my password. Turn out I completely forgotten my password! Who would have thought after not using the laptop for two/three weeks that one would forget her own password! I end up having to restore the laptop system..grrr! This mean reinstalling everything back from the discs. So everything that was on that laptop --- gone. I did transfer the important stuff into my memory stick long way back before all this happen, but there are some that have been updated most recently that I have not yet transfer it to memory stick. I couldn't retrieve it, so I can't transfer the update into my memory stick before I could restore my laptop system. EH! So, after I had the system restored - my sister was helping me reinstalled important stuff into the system. And she need the memory stick, to get some of the stuff back in --- you know where this is going, right? And you thought everything is going to be alright with the world again -- wrong! As soon as I put in the memory stick, we were installing something and all of the sudden laptop freeze. And I had to shutdown the system. Once everything is boot up, I realized then that I have left the memory stick still plug in. I should have taking it out. Now everything that is in the memory stick got corrupted. So I lost everything in that stick - double EH! The books I have read over the years, are all gone. The only way to remember what I read is from this blog (thanks goodness!) but the blog doesn't have half of the books listed from the beginning way back then when it first started. My pictures are also gone (I'm glad I saved my pictures in my Kodak memory card for backup) but I can retrieve it back. But all the others stuff in that memory stick and my laptop system (before the restore), I will never able to get it back --- *whine* -- eh! So, with the blog being my backup for the list of books I read for each months -- below is the books I read for June and July.

It has been a long while since I post my lists of books I've read. I realized today that I never posted my June book. So I decided to add the June book with July books in this post. I find that June is my lowest reading time. I've been watching three kids this summer while their parents are off to work. And while I do love and miss them very much, I'm so glad that two of the kids are back to school already. They get bored easily and always fighting over small stuff. I still watch the 1 year old kid, but at lease, I don't have to deal with the screaming and the fighting. So anyway, notice I only read 1 book in June. See told you it was my lowest month. But still even July have also been my lowest too. I hope to read more this month, now that I won't be too busy. Wish me luck! And thanks to my blog friend, Alice from Hello, My Name Is Alice who joint-read The Defiant Hero with me. Notice I didn't give grade for July books. I just have not review them yet. Eventually when I do, I grade them then. I've read a total of 23 books since Jan 2010. One book in June and two books in July. Happy Reading everyone! :)

21. The Defiant Hero by Suzanne Brockmann (re-read/joint-read with Alice) - 4 1/2 stars

22. Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery
23. Almost Perfect by Susan Mallery


Melody said...

I'm sorry to hear about your laptop woes, Julia. It's indeed a pain and I can feel your frustration. Before blogging, I don't keep track of the books I read but it didn't really bug me until I started blogging. :P

I understand it's hard to read as many books as we want with our busy life and all, and I hope you'll find some time catching up on your TBR pile.

Julia said...

Thanks Melody for commenting. What you said about not keeping track of the books you've read until you started blogging --- well THIS is the reason why I set up the blog in the first place. It is for me to record books I have read over the years, keep track and have a save copy for backup..thanks goodness. But it still a hassle with finding where I left off from 50 Challenge books, while trying to get it all back from the blog.

Alice Teh said...

I'm sorry to hear about your laptop problems. My company laptop's battery died on me. But nothing as major as yours. I hope you manage to find most of what you need for your book list from your blog.

Julia said...

@Alice - thanks, and I hate that I have to start over. However, I'm so relief that I can go back to some old posts from my blog for some backup :) I'm sorry tohear battery died, but I hope the one you replace it with would be better use for you :)