Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend: Lisa Marie Rice's Books

About a week ago, I mention that I am going to try Lisa Marie Rice's books since I heard raves about her. I have a friend who told me that she like her writing style and would still read her books, even though it has been a long time since she read Lisa. I always trust her book recommendation because she and I have lot of common likeness in books and authors. Except for paranormals. She like all paranormals type where as I like almost all paranormals except for vamps. I learn long time ago that vamps is not my cup of teas. I'm sorry authors *grin*. So back to what I was saying...I was a little disappointed to discover that Lisa does not have her own website. Sure there are website that are run by someone else about her, but it not her very own website (at lease I think). So I know just a little information on her books. But what I know about her books I learn it from readers. So a couple of months ago I brought Lisa's Dangerous Lover (book #1) and Dangerous Passion (book #3). But I couldn't get Dangerous Secret, book #2 because there were none in stock! I didn't think I was going to see anymore of the book, since most of the time our store don't stock many quantity of the same title trade size paperback books here. I always wonder why. If I see any new release book in trade size paperback that I want then I must grab it because sometime it'll be all gone. Well I had surprise last Saturday when I saw book #2 on shelf! I didn't hesitated and just grab it. There wasn't any new release books that I want on shelf, so I took Lisa book to the check out counter, and came out a happy camper! *grin*. Oh and these books are part of her Dangerous Series, too. Not sure if it necessarily to read it in order or not. But I always read series books in order, so I am starting with book one ;)

Lisa Marie Rice also write under another pen name Elizabeth Jennings. So I also brought the latest book Shadow at Midnight as well. And I think this is her second book writing under this pen name. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong ;)

I sure do have lot of catching up on Lisa Marie Rice's books. I think maybe I make it a read-a-thon-night *grin*. But not until I'm done reading the current books first. And then I need to read one more book before I start my joint-read with my friend Alice *waving hi!* and then maybe I start....okay I need to stop yapping and get myself busy with those books, teehee! Have anyone read Lisa Marie Rice before? What your thoughts?

Whatcha reading? Happy reading everyone!


Alice Teh said...

*wave back*
I want you to continue yapping, Julia. LOL. I'm waiting for you, Julia. I'm waiting, I'm waiting! Hahaha!

Julia said...

@Alice - LOL, I fear the more I yapped the more the readers going to run away LOL! Sorry to make you wait. I'm doing as quickly as I can to get other taking care first before we start :) Thanks for your patience :)