Sunday, August 01, 2010

Drew Brees Book signing
At Borders

First let me thanks our quarterback Drew Brees for leading the football team - The SAINTS - run to victory to the Superbowl last year. We are grateful to our hero! Second thing is I want to apology how late I am in posting this. I know it sorta long over due, but I guess it better late then never..right? *grin*

My experience with Drew Brees book signing on July 25, 2010 was hot, long and yet exciting! I'm glad I knew ahead of time that if we want to get our spot on the line, we had to get to Border bookstore early before the book signing is to take place at 3pm to get our colored band. These bands hold our spot for the group in line and get our book signed. The store open at 11am, so we got there at 11:30am and I notice there already a LONG line of people waiting to get their colored band. I discover later that these people got there as early as 9am in the morning and slept there until the store are open. And a lot of them were from out of town! I was in line for 2 hours to get this band, under a very hot humid sun. It could have been 98 degree that day! And I was sweating even though I was wearing a short, a soft halter V necklace and sandal. Two Border's staff were walking by with cooler with drinks inside. I brought two (one for me and the other for brother) and was thankful for it. There were even a lady who is one of the staff at BJ's restaurant, passing out free pizza for us too! *side note* - I love eating at BJ. One of my favorite place to eat - *end side note*.

When I finally got near the door entrance, I was so relief to feel the warm air of the AC blowing directly at me. At that moment, I felt like I want to pull the 'Jack-I'm-King-Of-the-World' scenes where he and Rose stood at the end of the boat with their arms wide open and the wind blowing directly toward them - couldn't you just feel that wonderful breezy air? LOL! I didn't do it. I don't need embarrassment. Haven't I learn that already with the "nice butt" comments I made to a guy who was a stranger, in the past? Long story, don't ask *grin*. We got our colored band -- and we end up being the pink color, which is the last group in line (that suck!) -- and went inside Border bookstore and just hang out for awhile, until it time for the 3pm signing. My friend and her two kids came along, and we waited with them inside at the back of the store and sat on the big chairs that is place near the windows. It was set up near about two feet a walk to the table where the cafe area are. Since it was only 1-ishpm, we had another 2 hours wait so we chat for awhile until Drew Brees show up. The Border staff was trying to entertain everyone who was waiting in the store - singing and reading. There was even our local TV News man walking around trying to get a short interview from the fan. We even heard group of teens chanting "Who Dat?! Who Dat?!".

When Drew finally enter the store, crowed of people applause and cheer while he raise his hand up and pumped it in the air. People took pictures (I wish I thought about that first hand because I barely got many picture) and then start line up when their colored band group are called out. Since we were the last group in line, we sat down on our chairs for another hours! By the times it was our turn, it was 4:30pm and the signing was from 3pm-5pm. So we had little bit time before he leave. We face him and I try to take picture -- but I only managed to take two blurry pictures, EH!! -- and I was rushed by one of the Border's staff. I didn't even get no chance to say my thanks to Drew for all that he done for us and that we appreciated it, comments. No I didn't, we were rushed. The book was put in front of Drew, he signed it and then we were told by Border staff to go outside. And that was that. I was so disappointed. I didn't like how Border work the signing line. But yet at same time I was excited that I got to see him. I'm gun shy anyway, so I don't think I could even say hello to him. It always take someone, a friend, to push me forward to say something LOL! I was grateful that he came down to sign the book. I do have my book autographed - YAY! I had fun spending that weekend with my friend thought. It was good time with them. And I'm really looking forward to reading it soon :)

P.S. I wish I could post pictures of Drew and the book, but I don't want to take any chance for a good personal reason. Sorry! :)


Melody said...

How exciting, Julia! I'd be so thrilled if I could meet my idol in person (well you know who!). :P

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing! I enjoyed reading it! :)

Julia said...

@Melody - Of course I know who - but we won't talk about that, right? *grin* teehee. Thanks for reading this and enjoying getting into my experience with meeting up with Drew :)

Alice Teh said...

So much fun! I can almost picture a very excited Julia in a hot, hot weather with her hot, hot idol. LOL

Julia said...

@Alice - It was a dream come true ;) And he was cutie teehee. But I had lot of fun even under the hot weather :)