Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend: Books
Month Ago: Jill Shalvis
Mo Hayder

These books are another set I have brought month ago but never post it. I have read books by Jill Shalvis in the past, but it took me a while longer to get through all of her backlist. I've been buying her books when ever I see it released in the stores. And I add them into my growing TBR piles. The last book I read by Shalvis was Slow Heat and then my moods went to a different direction and I pretty much stuck with that for long while. But I did enjoy the book, even when I don't know nothing about baseball. It's something about reading men in sports that seem so sexy to me. I would grab them as fast as I see sports romance at the bookstores. In the past years I've read lot of sports romance (SEP's football, Martin's hockey, Foster's fighter, Kate Angell's baseball..etc.) and have enjoy them. If you going to read Shalvis' Heat then you should first start with Double Play. These are her first two baseball books. Then recently I brought the mass market reprint of her The Trouble With Paradise. I also heard lot of positive reviews on her Wilder Adventures books and decided to grab copy of each trade size paperback books. But my local bookstore at Borders only had the last two books because the first book Instant Attraction wasn't in stock at the times. So I can't start on these books now without the first book. But I know that eventually I will get it soon. For now, the two books I do have remain sitting in my TBR pile. Anyone who have not try Jill Shalvis' books, should do so. She mixed her romance very well with witty humors, sizzling love scenes, emotions, sexy men and smart heroine in her books. It always a fun read :)

Here are the two Wilder Adventures books I brought....

Instant Gratification
Instant Temptation

I've finish reading NR's Savor the Moment and Dee Davis' Exposure but it'll be awhile until I post reviews on them. Next up I am going to read a thriller book, The Devil Nanking by Mo Hayder. I promise my friend, Melody from Melody's Reading Corner that I will read this book, since it's her favorite book and she love the author's writing. Because thriller novels usually aren't my cup of tea,(of course there are some exception I'll read) it took me a years or two to finally borrow it from the library. So now I have it right next to me, waiting for me to read it. I will start on it tomorrow, since I have whole day to read it then. I might read another book between reading Nanking but not sure what book yet. Maybe a romantic suspense book, because it's one of my favorite genres to read these days. Happy reading everyone! :)


Melody said...

YAY! Can you tell I'm so thrilled that you've managed to borrow a copy of The Devil of Nanking from the library! :P I can't wait to hear what you'll think of the book!!

Julia said...

@Melody - I can hear your "Yay-ing" cheer all the way across the ocean, loud and clear LOL! ;P I'm looking forward to read it :)

Alice Teh said...

Happy reading, Julia! I hope to post the review of SAVOR THE MOMENT by next week. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! :D

Julia said...

@Alice - I'm looking forward to read your review on SAVOR THE MOMENT, just let me know when it's up. I'll be awhile until I post mine...Have a good day! :)