Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dare to Surrender by Lilli Feisty

Lilli Feisty
Erotic Contemporary
Pub. Date: February 2010
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 352pp
ISBN-13: 9780446541930
ISBN: 0446541931

He meets his match.....
She meets her master.....

Art Gallery curator Joy Montgomery has never liked her body's generous curves. And she's always been too shy to explore her wild side. But tonight, everything is going to change...

Desperate to save her job, Joy approaches bad boy artist Ash Hunter and asks him to exhibit his erotic work at her gallery. Ash agrees on one condition: Joy must pose as his model. But business soon turns to pleasure, as Joy experiences a passion beyond her wildest imaginings...and Ash finds more than just inspiration in his voluptuous new muse.

The blurb pretty much tell you what the story is about. This book is not for the fate of the heart if you are not into erotic story. But it is very hot read! While there is sex after sex of the pages, I felt there is more in the characters then just the sex. Their relationship built as they learn to grow to desire and love each other. Ash bring out the beauty in Joy, while she taught him about love. I love how Ash try to show her the beauty of her body and to appreciated it, even when she is always down on herself about her curvy body. He might be a little rough or too demanding (sorta like bad boy vibe) but he want her to appreciated herself more and see what he see in her when he admired her body. I love that he care about her and protective over her too. He eventually understood what love mean, when he meet Joy. And that was new to him.

Than both had secret that they are too scared to tell each other. At that point, I just want to knock some sense out of Joy and yell at her to come clean and to go tell him. He would understand. I was worry that the longer she held this secret the worse thing can happen. Well, you going to have to read it to find what happen *grin*. Joy can be a little dense and weak sometime, but she had experience passion that is beyond her wildest dream that only Ash can bring for her. And this soon made her realized that she can be stronger person.

I love the relationship that Joy had with her friend, Erica. And hope to see more of her if there are more book to come (hint hint to Lilli!). I know that this book isn't the first book. There is another book before this one, the title is Bound to Please. It took me a long while to finally get a copy of BTP, but I got it! Looking forward to reading it soon :)

This is the first time I read book by Lilli Feisty, and I like this book. I've read this book way back in between March - April 2010 but is just now writing this review today. So I only go by memory of what I remember of the book. I hope I got the story right. I'm sure I miss some scenes that I did like, but couldn't recall them. Sorry for the long delay! :)

Grade: 4 1/2 stars

Drafted: 4-11-2010
edited: 5-10-2010
edited: 9-25-2010


Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia! Sure sounds like a hot read. I'm reading quite a bit of erotic stories at the moment.

Julia said...

Hi Alice - It was hot book teehee. There are some erotic authors I auto-buy and others I won't over many years. I like my erotic books to have a story and plot. Not just all about sex after sex. If there no story/plot, than I won't like the book. I want to care for the characters too. I want to see relationship developments.

Anyway, I read this book a long time ago. But I hope my memory are correct from the story.