Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend: Books & Holidays

Another pending books, these two books was bought in September. I was excited when I saw Jill Shalvis reissue of Trouble With Paradise. It is one of the book I have not yet read. I'm trying to get copies of all of her backlist as much as I can before I can read some that are in connected series. I really enjoy reading Shalvis' books because she write emotions and humors very well. Highly recommend her. I'm not yet familiar with Jessica Inclan, but I did read good reviews and I brought two of her The Believe Trilogy. I just need to get the last copy to finish the trilogy. Both books are sitting in my TBR pile. When I saw that she release a brand new series The Being Trilogy, I brought her first book Being With Him. I'm looking forward to read from both authors soon!

Last weekend, my family went out of town to visit my uncles to do some praying and then eat. One of my uncle who live few states away came down to visit. So it was like family reunion again. So because of this, I wasn't able to shop for some books at Borders but I did do some good reading. I also spent times with my good friends too. They were cooking some good steaks, potatoes salad, beans, garlic breads and squash. We were celebrating because one friend's youngest son had just finish his 3 weeks of football practices for kids first learner that his day camp open for them. YUM and fun!

However today (Saturday), I did end up going to Borders. I went inside to take look around to see what books have recently came out. There wasn't too many recent one but I did see few that I want. And I joint it down on paper, bring it home and add it to my wish list bookstore online. Yep, I came home empty handed. And as sad as I am, there is a reason for it. You will see below :) I also got myself some Iced Pumpkin Creme Latte - it was yummy drinklicious! ;)

In the next two months, I be real busy with holidays. So this mean I have to cut back on buying books for awhile. I won't be buying books except maybe 1 book each months (there are 2 months left) until January 2011. But I have add all the books that I want on my wish lists, this way I can remember what books I'm buying when January come around. This made me sad, since I'm so used to buying books every weekend. I love to visit bookstores, buy books and add them to my TBR piles/bookshelves. But I rather save money for holidays(gifts,foods..etc) because it my favorite times of the years. And I can't be selfish, right? I love seeing kids eyes lighten up when they see gifts I brought them. And I love to see the loves in people eyes when they discover unexpected surprises gifts too. It will be a hard struggle for me to try not to grab books, every time I go near bookshelf, but it's still all worth the challenge for me. I've been doing this for every years now, so it no big deal to me. If you saw someone pressing her face against the window pane, staring in through it and has finger's prints smear on it, at the bookstores during the holidays then yeah... that was me LOL!

I'm still participating in the Christmas cards exchange. I figure that would make up for not participating in Secret Santa this year (another things I'm sad about) and for cutting back books buying too. I love to see cards from all over the world, including closest friends who I have had chat and been with over many years online/off line. Cards always brighten my day no matter if I have good or bad days :)

Even while I'm busy with the holidays, I'm still planning to share books that I've brought in the last few months and my pending book's reviews, that I've not yet posts both on my blog. These are books that have been already bought, before I announced about cutting back books for awhile because of the holidays. Stay tune!

I have just finish reading Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning, and I love it! It is erotic romance and I love the two main characters of this book. It about a group of rock band name Sinners and each members is going to have their own story with love interest in the series. I'm looking forward to reading each installments! It interesting because I never read books with rock band story before. But Olivia Cunning wrote these men as if they're alive and real. She wrote these band in a way rock in roll reacted and lives. I have not figure out what to read next, but I think I might read a historical book by Anne Stuart's Reckless, book #2. Then after that, who know. Let see where my moods take me.

Halloween is tomorrow (Sunday), and we not craving pumpkins this year. But we will pass out candies. And no, we not dressing up either -- teehee! I wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Have fun but play it safe! :)


Melody said...

You're so very kind and generous, Julia! :) I'm not sure if I'm participating in Secret Santa this year so we shall see...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween!

Alice Teh said...

Have fun with Secret Santa! And Happy Halloween.

Julia said...

@Melody - I sure hope you play Secret Santa, it so much fun! ;)

@Alice - Ummm, I'm only participating in Christmas Cards Exchange, not Secret Santa LOL! But thanks :)

Olivia Cunning said...

Hi Julie!

I just stopped in to say thanks for reading my novel Backstage Pass and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Julia said...

@Olivia - Hi! Thanks for stopping by and comment! Looking forward to your next The Sinners book! :)