Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Before/After New Year Post

2010 have been a very slow reading for me. I still think I didn't read enough as much as I want to. Reading 40 books total for the 2010, isn't that huge to me. But it was so close to reaching my 50 Books read goal. Even though I am happy of the numbers books I've read that year. So this year 2011, I'm hoping to read more books by making the times to do it when I'm not busy. A few days ago, I stay up reading until 5am in the morning and right before I turn off the light to go to bed, I thought to myself "Wow, I sure miss reading late in the night!" *grin*. You see, I'm a late owl and I used to read books during those late times. It the only time I get that quiet, peaceful and be able to focus more on the story. But lately -- okay it seem like few years -- I've been too busy trying to play catch up in the emails (I've 2 accounts), other online social network and my friends. Gotta love my friends. Can't live without both my outside/online friends! But I weren't change those time for anything.

Since the first week of December and the holidays started, I have not bought even one book. Yep. Not. ONE. Book. It was the holidays, you know. So now that 2011 is finally here, I can't help but feel sad but yet at same time relief. I'm so used to buying books every weekend! I find myself visiting Borders and just browsing around now. And jointing down books I want to buy later. Have to wait few months to buy books now. Last week, I heard a child cried -- well screaming actually. And I had this image in my mind that the child is crying because he couldn't buy a book. And I stood there and cried along with him. Quietly of course LOL!

I just went over my TBR pile, going through it to put all the series/trilogy in order by stacking them together. Then I decided to pull out some of the books I think I'm ready to read. Some are the first books in series/trilogy. And few are stand alone. I want to start the reading with a big bang and hope I read more 2011. Some books has been there for few while -- or longer -- but also it's a 'new to me authors' too. I'm going to start with Something About You by Julie James, contemporary romance. I've read the first two books by James before, and love it! You can't go wrong with Julie James' books. I do highly recommend her books.

I recently finish reading Coming Undone by Lauren Dane. It marked the last book to the end of 2010 read on my list. And I did enjoy the book. Brody is so sweet and sensitive even around his bad boy image. I adore him so much! I didn't expected much of him from this book but wow I was surprise! He sure show how much he care and love Elise *sigh worthy*. I'm looking forward to read Inside Out, book three of The Brown Sibling books soon!

I wish everyone a better reading of 2011 !!!


Melody said...

I can sympathize your situation, Julia! I couldn't imagine myself not buying book for a month; it's a real torture, lol. I hope you're able to pamper yourself now since the holiday seasons are over, and you can breath a sigh of relief. :)

As mentioned to you before, I can't wait to hear what you'll think of Julie James' book.

Happy reading in 2011!

Alice Teh said...

Don't cry, Julia. LOL! I'm buying a lot lesser now and focusing on all the good ones I have in my TBR. It's painful at first (not to buy books), but I'm getting the hang of it. I'll only buy if I intend to read immediately or if there's a great deal for those in my wish list, but apart from that, I can wait.

Julia said...

@Melody - True it is a real torture not able to buy books for months! But I know that if I can just be a little patience (and I'm usually not LOL!), I know that I'll get there soon and then I be able to buy books again :) By the way I just posted Something About You review!

@Alice - I have been picking out books from my TBR pile and reading them until I'm able to buy books again. I'm just used to buying books once a week, so it get depression. Plus I have had fear of my TBR pile going empty too....