Monday, January 03, 2011

Favorite Books of 2010

Many are posting their "Favorite/Best Books of 2010", so I decided to post mine. In 2010, I was reading mostly 'new to me authors' and have discover few authors I know I would like to continue to read more of their books. There is a huge TBR pile towering up with many 'new to me authors' I yet to read. I know pretty soon I will discover them as the months goes by this year. But I hope to also read more from my favorite authors too. At the bottom is a list -- not in any order -- of my Favorite Books of 2010. I couldn't just pick a few. Even if a gun was held in my head, I won't even choose a few *lol*. These authors are all 'new to me authors' who I discover through my friends' recommend (thank YOU!) :)

Here are my Favorite Books of 2010 (in no order):

Hold On Tight by Stephanie Tyler - I chose book three because all the characters are in it. More actions and emotions going on in deeper level. I got more emotional involved with each couples as their relationship unfold and was sad to see the book ended. I like the family dynamic and how well the brothers are together. And I'm glad that Stephanie got me really invested in them. Her writing was great and in depth. Intense and romantic. She weave in stories into one, making each couples story connected and fit. I love a GOOD story and hawt Navy SEALs men, and Stephanie's books have them. I'm looking forward to read more of Stephanie's books! Especially the brand new series she had out now.

By Lorelei James books:
Long Hard Ride
Cowgirl Up and Ride
What can I say about Lorelei James' books? WOW! Her books are raw, rough, sexy, hot, explicit and so romantic! It is western/cowboy erotic contemporary romance, but Lorelei does tackle the personal issues very well. Even when it kinda bizarre or uncomfortable situation, I just like the way Lorelei handle the issues. She really made me feel for the characters and get emotionally invested into them. I also love that Lorelei had each couple talk to each other about what is to be expected and made agreement on what they both want and agree to do before they actually start having sex. Corralled is the first book to the A Blacktop Cowboy novel but was the first book I read that begin my love for Lorelei writing and my search for the McKay from Rough Rider series. I loved Hank and was wow by the writing style. I'm definite looking forward to read book 2: Saddled and Spurred. After I read Long Hard Ride, which is book 1 of Rough Rider novel, I knew that Lorelei will be my keeper books. I fell in love with Colby and couldn't get enough of him. And then Cowgirl Up and Ride is my third pick because it's when we learn about all the McKay Brothers and West boys lives and the issues that arise through out the rest of the books and problem unfold. Love Lorelei James, and I think she made me see cowboy/western in a different light now!

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning - I think the reason this book is one of my favorite is because I never come across to find romance book about rock band before. So reading this was different. I love how well Olivia written each characters attitude in the life of rock in roll. And how each characters has their downside issues too, that made them emotionally human to me. Each characters are different but they work well together. I see them acted like a brothers when they are around each other, even though they are closed friends. I love to be surprise and discover the secret of each guys. There even dark side of one character -- but in good way LOL! The guys may have done stupid stuff but they do mean well but for a good reason, IMO. There are five members in the band, and each guys will have their story told when each installments come out.

Coming Undone by Lauren Dane Is book 2 of the Brown Sibling series. I love this book because I can't help but fall in love with Brody. He is sensitive, sweet, caring person. Even around his controlling, bad boy attitude image, inside his heart is soft. I love how he is around Elise and her daughter. Even when he around his two sibling. He take care of them. Lauren write her stories really beautifully that you care enough for each characters and want them to be happy with their HEA. Lauren also tackle the issues of abuse, sexual, drugs very well too. I find myself wanting to know more about the guys and the women (heroines) that capture their interest.

Fade to Black by Leslie Parrish Romantic suspense have always been my favorite genres and when I discover Leslie's books I was excited. This book wow me. The story grab me from the first chapter until the last pages to the end. Very interesting of what goes through 'the Reaper' mind as he plan his killing and video taped his victim's final moments before they died. It was really suspenseful and kept me turning the pages. And the Satan's Playground, while it's fiction, seem so real it felt like I can imagine it existence out there...somewhere. I love Leslie writing and how she kept me up on my toes. It was dark, gruesome, galore, intense and thrilling. And I love that the CAT team (aka Cyber Action Team) were like a 'family'. There is only three books of the CATs book already out, sadly the publisher decided not to do anymore Cats series. I want MORE! But I'm happy that she had new series out, which I already brought!

There are more books that are Honorary Mention, but it could take me all day to post it. Beside I just couldn't pick just a few LOL! But I am happy with my top favorite books of 2010 and hope more readers try to read these authors and their great books. Three of the book are erotic contemporary romance and the two are romantic suspense.

Happy reading!


Melody said...

I haven't heard any of these authors you mentioned but now I do! :) Glad you enjoyed their books! I hope you will do a Honorary Mention post of the books you liked as well! ;)

Alice Teh said...

The books you mentioned are totally alien to me but the important thing is that YOU loved them! *GRIN*

Julia said...

@Melody - Of course you haven't heard of them, but I do hope you give them a try someday :) Not sure if I want to post Honorary. That could take some real hard considering and making the final say LOL

@Alice - Well it is a good 'alien' books that I hope you try someday :)