Thursday, February 17, 2011

Along Came a Husband by Helen Brenna

Helen Brenna
Pub. Date: June 2010
Publisher: Harlequin
Format: Mass Market Paperback , 251pp
Series: Harlequin Super Romance Series , #1640
ISBN-13: 9780373716401
ISBN: 0373716400

Along came trouble!
Missy Charms just got the shock of her life. The man she thought was dead has turned up on her doorstep. Her ex-husband, Jonas Abel.
Four years ago, Missy Charms fell hard for Jonas. But his FBI job always came first. Missy only wanted - still wants - a home and family. Jonas isn't husband material, not even close. And now his latest undercover mission has trailed him to Mirabelle Island. With both their lives on the line, Missy knows she's been fooling herself. She loves Jonas as much as she ever did - maybe more. His return also means finally admitting the truth: She can't lose him again....

Missy Charms came to stay in Mirabelle Island, to get away from her family. Her father is the powerful, United States senator who was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. His controlling and manipulative behavior have caused Missy to feel distant and anger with him. She want to be herself and not what her father wants her to be. When she married Jonas Abel, she thought she will finally have a home and family she always wanted and be herself. But his FBI job always come first before her. Angry and tired of being alone, she filed for divorce, but only to find her husband had died. After his funeral, she left home and disappear -- never to be found or heard from again. Then she was shocked to find 4 years later that her supposedly dead husband appear at her doorstep in Mirabelle Island, alive!

Jonas last mission have gone wrong, and taking the bullet wound on his side had trailed him to Mirabelle Island. Seeing Missy again was unexpected as he still love her but wasn't sure how to dealt with it because the last time he saw her, she wanted divorce. Missy fears that he will break her heart again, so she asked him to leave. He refused but asked her to let him stay for few days until he get better and figure out who want him dead. Even though Missy doesn't like the idea, she agrees on the term. Would they be able to amend and admit the truth and get second chance at love, again?

But when danger arise and he's afraid for Missy and the people of Mirabelle Island safely, he knew he must work faster and protected them or it will all break loose.

This book was a short read, but it was an enjoyable read. It's about 251 pages long. It was more on the light romance side but had little bit of suspense added to it. I enjoyed getting to know Missy and Jonas and see what made them connect to each other. I thought that Jonas FBI job and Missy's loneliness show what real life is like from the choice they made, which have impact their lives; it seem realistic to me. And the loves, the romance and the devotion between them were simply proven it still existed. I loved that the people in Mirabelle Island are like a "family" and are always there for each other and protect them no matter what happen in their past. If I have known this is the fourth book in the Mirabelle series, I would have stopped and read the first book (I'm anal about reading series books in order)but it didn't seem like I missed anything. The only complaint I have is that it was too short read. But it took me two weeks to finally posted this review because I was trying to finish reading other books. And I definitely will read more of Helen Brenna's books, in future.

Along Came a Husband is a upbeat, fast pacing reading and heartwarming story of two people trying for a second chance at loves and finding hope again.

Grade: B


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I'm glad you enjoyed reading this book, Julia! I haven't been reading romance for some time; I need to get to it!

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Glad you enjoyed this, Julia! Happy weekend to you (echoing Melody LOL)!

Julia said...

@Melody - Hope you able to read more romantic books soon!

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