Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday
Babbling About Books

So here I am on a Fat Tuesday at 3:33pm, and I'm sitting trying to keep updates on all my email (two differ accounts), catch up on Facebook and blogs. And I yet to figure out what book to read next. I know it been few while since I last posted my babbling news *grin*, and I have not been keeping up with my blog but it has been a struggle for me to post when I'm always busy. Last month, on February, I read four books. This month, in March, I only managed to read one book. The last three books I read was The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton, Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden and Animal Magnetism. All three were very good read.

In Jaci Burton's The Perfect Play I thought it was a very sweet, kinda of Cinderella-like story except minus the step mother and step sisters. It's also HOT, a little spicy, sexy and romantic. I really love the hero, Mick. Women might flock over him and take advantaged of his all-star football fame image to make them look good but our heroine Tara did not. She is attracted to him but her main focus priority is always on her son. So Mick decided to "chase" her until he have her. He had plan, and once he set his mind to it he plan to win. Review coming soon!

Cynthia Eden's Deadly Fear was an awesome exciting read for me. She was 'new to me author' as well. Friends recommend her books left to right and when I finally decided to try her Deadly series, I was hooked. Deadly Fear was a dark, intense and disturbing with a good plot that keep you turning the pages. Hot, steamy and good chemistry between the two main characters. Passion and relationship so good, that the characters are unforgivable to me. I really fall for Luke and loves his attitude! *happy sigh*. If you like romantic suspense, you will love the action pack, good plot and wonderful characters in Eden's first Deadly book. Review coming soon!

Lastly in Jill Shalvis' Animal Magnetism, over the years I have read few of her books. But with so many other authors to discover, it kinda hard for me to keep updates on the authors that I'm already fan of. I know I have lot more books by Jill to read from her backlist, but eventually I'll get there. After a friend comments on Animal Magnetism, I bought a copy and read it. After reading Deadly Fear I knew I need something a little light and romance. And I was right, Animal Magnetism was perfect read for the mood I'm in. It was a very sweet and charming story. It's something about the way a macho army guy interacted with a cute puppy that made me chuckle every time. Brady is sexy macho man with softness inside, who is attracted to Lilah and is charmed by all her animals she taken care of for her clients. Jill Shalvis tend to make her stories humorous without making her characters became TSTL. And that what I love about her books. Will review it soon!

On Saturday, I stopped by Borders bookstore to browse around and hope to find books that I might want there. By now everyone have heard that Borders have file for bankruptcy and that over 200 Borders stores are going to close down. Lucky the Borders near by my city are safe and I'm so happy because Borders is the bookstore I go to more than the others. We do have Barnes and Noble near by, but I feel more comfortable and at home in the Borders store than I do with other. Maybe that due to because Borders are in the outlet of the mall area. And it nice there. However I'm waiting to find out which next possible 75 stores are closing, too. I don't feel our Borders are safe yet until the 75 stores are announced online. So anyway, I walked in and did all my smell-the-coffee-and-smell-the-books-and-hug-them-weekly routine, before I dash into the romance section and browse around. The staff are used to see me there all the time, so it nothing new if they seen me do something weird and out of the ordinary -- like my stupid snoopy dance -- *grin*. They just smiled at me and move on. It has been hard to not buy books in the last two months but I'm so happy I can now. Most of the March books that I've seen on the shelves have already been ordered online and its on it way to deliver to my house in few days. I pray it'll be today or tomorrow *g*. I did see Against the Wind by Kat Martin. I took it with me to the Border's cafeteria area, and got myself a cup of Ultimate Mocha Extra chocolate to drink (it's yummy by the way!), and sat down to read the first two chapters in. So far I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I had to put it back on shelf and wait to get a copy another time. I know many readers are recommending Kat Martin's Against series, and I'm anxious to see what about the book that has everyone talking ;)

March books I bought online and I'm looking forward to read are: Breaking the Rules by Suzanne Brockmann, Hidden Away by Maya Bank, Saddled and Spurred by Lorelei James, A Lot Like Love by Julie James, A Light At Winter's End by Julia London and Shiver of Fear by Roxanne St. Claire.

And lastly I need to share with you a book that I bought last year in October, (I delay this weekly post for long time now) Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning. I did read this book last year and it was pretty good! Erotic romance of rock in roll *grin*. It about a group band, call The Sinners, who on the road on a tour. And along the way, Brian fall in love. The guys treated each other more like brothers than just a band members. And each guys get their own story. I will do a review on Backstage Pass soon, so be on the look out. You be able to see cover here. I'm happy to know that book #2 Rock Hard will be release out soon. Hope the book cover entice you to buy a copy of the book. And if you got it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Also, grab a copy of A Lot Like Love by Julie James. I enjoyed all of her contemporary romance books and looking forward to read her latest one! There were a mishap on the missing pages of the book, so I'm return it to get another one that is in good condition. I don't want to miss reading this book! :)

I still have not decided what to read next, but I hope I make the decision soon because March is a busy month for me. I wish everyone to have a good day! Happy Fat Tuesday! :)


Melody said...

I always like reading a rambling post, lol. Glad you enjoyed reading those books, Julia! And I can't wait to get my copy of 'A Lot Like Love'!

Julia said...

Hi Melody! Thanks for liking my rambling post. And thanks also for being here and posting. Looking forward to hear your thought on 'A Lot Like Love', once you read it :)

Alice Teh said...

I'm glad to know that the Borders near you is safe. Happy reading!

Julia said...

@Alice - thanks, I'm glad Borders isn't closing near me either. Although, I do have to wait to hear the next possible state closing. I'm praying our won't be on the list. Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!