Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BBAW Interview Swap: Melody @Melody's Reading Corner

First let me say that I wasn't planning to participated in the BBAW 2011 because I know I'll be busy this week and have no time to participate. However a dear friend of mine need a interview Q&A swap partner at the last minute, so I decided to help her out *grin*. But this be the only thing I will participate in. Below are my questions and Melody answered.

Julia: What made you decide to start your own book blog? And how many years have you been blogging?

Melody: I first started this blog in 2006, and at that time I didn't know if there is a community of book bloggers. To me, I simply created this blog as a way to jot down my thoughts on the books I read. You see, I don't have a habit of writing in journals (although I love journals and will buy them for their beautiful designs) and I find typing them online is faster and convenient as compared to writing anyway. No one knew about my blog then except my husband as I felt rather self-conscious but I think that is being silly considering that blogs are public sites where anyone could view it; and anyway I think it is just a matter of overcoming my personal demons and that time and finding this book blogging community have taken away all of that (most, anyway).  

Julia: What have you learnt about yourself since you start blogging?

Melody:Hmm... I don't think I have seen much changes of myself except that my reading horizons have expanded, thanks to all my book blogger friends for their book recommendations as they have introduced me to a few genres which I think I may have avoided at the beginning.  

Julia: Vampires seem to be the most popular trend in authors books lately. What are your thoughts on it?

Melody:Yes, I do see a surge of those books lately and I think this all reflects on the trend and also the demand from readers (think the Twilight Saga). That said, I believe any genre (or any themes in this case) will stay as long as they continue to intrigue and captivate the readers.  

Julia: What are your favorite books of all times? And who are your favorite authors?

Melody:Wow, these questions are so hard to answer! I have too many favourite books; and I just wish I have the time to devour them over and over again but unfortunately, I don't have the time to re-read anymore as I'd rather use those time to catch up on my monstrous TBR pile. As for my favourite authors, I think my list will go on forever if I have to name them all so here are just a few who I will buy without a doubt: Mo Hayder, Tana French, Anne Stuart, Matthew Reilly, Banana Yoshimoto, etc.  

Julia: I always enjoy reading your thoughts on books that you reviewed. Do you ever have trouble writing your reviews or is it easier for you as you draft it?

Melody:Very often, I will draft my review when I am reading the book. I like this process as it allows me to jot down my thoughts as I go along so that important notes (or how it affects my mood when reading some particular scenes) will not be missed. Ideas and moods also play a part in my reviews and I will leave it for another day if I don't have those as well.

This has been fun, thanks Melody! I hope you enjoyed today interview. To read Melody's questions and my answers, please visit Melody's site at Melody's Reading Corner. And here are the link to visit other interviews swap participates at BBAW 2011


Melody said...

Thanks so much again, Julia! It's been fun doing this interview with you! :)

Julia said...

Your welcome, Melody! I'm glad to help a great friend, when in need :) It's been fun doing this interview with you too! :)

Marg said...

Glad that you found a way to join in!

I enjoyed reading your interview!

Erin said...

I always enjoy reading about how people got into blogging. I started out self-conscious and rather private, too. Thank goodness the community is so welcoming!

Lenasledgeblog.com said...

Great interview. Thanks for sharing and introducing us to a new blogger. Happy BBAW!

Trisha said...

I love to re-read, but I find myself struggling with balancing re-reading with the ginormous stack of TBR books.

Alice Teh said...

What a fun interview! I missed talking to both of you. It's interesting to read how Melody jots down her thoughts as she goes through her books.

stacybuckeye said...

I wish I had more time to reread favorites.