Monday, September 26, 2011

Things Happen In My Life...
And Books

I usually post my weekend here, but life has made me so busy that I forget to post something. Mom personal health and then a member of the family is moving to be with her hubby and she taking her a week old baby boy with her. I'm going to miss them very much. They will be far up in Virginia, so I won't have lot of time spent with my ONLY great-nephew as I want to when she move. Since this October, I've been spending time with her as much as I can. And now that she will be moving, I'm also spending as much as I can with the baby too. Then after, we going to do Skype video, although I never use Skype before. So that what taken me long time to finally post on my own blog. Hopefully the next few weeks I be able to settle and post something.

Ever since Borders had closed down, I was sad to see its go. I had to say goodbye to the staffs working there. And I also said my goodbye to my favorite drinks and their wonderful discounts on books too. I'm going to miss it because it was the only store where I feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Plus it right smack right in the mall areas. If I want to go shopping for something, I can do so after a nice reading in Borders store. In the last three weeks, I've been visiting Barnes and Noble to buy my books lately and it just not the same "feel" as Borders does for me. Yes I still buy print books but am trying my hardest to try winning Kindle from contests, where ever it open online. So far, no luck winning. While I was at Barnes and Noble, I order a Mocha Coconut Frappuccino and I really enjoyed those drink. It's really good! I took my drink and went straight toward the New Release swinging bookshelf. Saw one possible interested book but decided to go upstairs to see more variety of books to choose from. But I didn't see any books that I really dying to buy. There were however another possible interested book but I debated over it for hours until I finally decided to to buy it. It was contemporary romance, DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS by Christie Graig. I was trying to find Erin Quinn's HAUNTING BEAUTY, which supposedly re-released in mass market paperback. But none were on the shelves. So I had to ask the staff to order and reserved copy for me. HAUNTING BEAUTY is part of serious book from her HAUNTING; Mist of Ireland Novel. Been waiting for this to be released in mass market paperback, since I heard so much good thing about the book. If am correct, it's an paranormal romance/time traveling? I love reading book with time traveling and I had enjoyed most of the one I read so far. And I'm looking forward to Shannon Mckenna latest book BLOOD AND FIRE to come out in October!

I know I have not been posting books that I've bought over the last few months. But I also still haven't post books I bought from 2010 starting in October, which was my last post on my blog. I wonder if I should post where I last left off (in 2010 but only 3 months need to be post) or start from January 2011? Maybe I should just start with this month instead? What your suggestion?

I really don't know when am going to start reviewing books again. I know my reviews aren't perfect, but I have done the best I can. But by the end of this September, I will be posting books I've read this month. I did lot of reading, which is much better than few months ago, where I read less. Hopefully my reading will speed up in couple of months.

Hope everyone have a good day! Happy Reading! :)


Marg said...

Do what makes you happy. If that means only starting again to post from now, do that!

Melody said...

Congrats on being a new aunt, Julia! :)

I miss Borders too; ours closed down last month but it was over a tenancy issue so...

As for the books, just post whatever your heart desires. :)

Julia said...

@Marg - Thanks for suggestion! It has been long time posting. I have seen some books you posts at your blog, that I've read. And think you going to love it too :)

@Melody - Thanks for congrats! I'm very excited about my new great-nephew! And also thanks for your suggestion :)