Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cover Goodness: Holly Lane by Toni Blake

Toni Blake has been one of my favorite author, ever since I read her first Destiny series One Reckless Summer three years ago. Of course I have to thanks my friend BJ who recommended me to read Blake's book, which I delay reading until she surprise me with a gift Letters to a Secret Lover in my mailbox. Its a stand alone historical romance. I knew that I'm going to love Blake's Destiny series after I read the first book and anticipated for the next installments to come each years. Three of Destiny series books are already out; One Reckless Summer, Sugar Creek and Whisper Falls (I love the titles and covers art for each books!). And while I do love all three books, Whisper Falls is my favorite. Very close up to One Reckless Summer. I love reading this series because Toni have a way to make me love each characters and made the story emotionally moving that it tugs at the heartstrings. It heartwarming, touching, inspired, tension and sexy hot! It set in a small town community and it has a warm homecoming feel to it. highly recommend this series!

Today is official release street date of Toni Blake's fourth book, HOLLY LANE. And this is Sue Ann and Adam story. I have waited...WAITED....for a long time for their book to come out. And I'm so happy to say I went out and got a copy of the book! And I'm not embarrassed to say that when I stood by the bookshelf at Barnes and Noble and holding HOLLY LANE in my tiny hand, I did a happy snoopy dance right there and then *grin*. Of course no one was around, but I would still do happy dance anyway. I even swing the book around in my hand and raise up both hand and wave while doing a 'Oh Happy Day' dance too *grin*. I am too excited and looking forward to reading this book soon! This book is out today, so go grab a copy! It highly recommend!

The Weather outside is frightful, but kisses y the fire are so delightful....

Sue Ann Simpkins is working hard to rebuild her life and find some holiday spirit. A weekend away from Destiny in a cabin on nearby Bear Lake seems like the perfect Christmas gift to herself -- until her ex's best friend, Adam Becker, shows up at the door, claiming the cabin is his! And if that's not trouble enough, how had she never noticed how gorgeous he was?

Alone for the holidays and forced to play a reindeer at the local department store, Adam's been feeling rather Scrooge-ish himself. But finding the smart, sexy woman he's admired since elementary school waiting in the house he rented is helping to brighten his humbug mood. And when a sudden snowstorm strands them together in very close quarters, leading to one ery hot night together, Adam soon realizes that what he really wants for Christmas is a second chance at love. Now all he has to do is convince Sue Ann....

Destiny series:
One Reckless Summer
Sugar Creek
Whisper Falls
Holly Lane


Melody said...

That cover is lovely! And of course I've heard about your raves on this series, lol.

I chuckled over your snoopy dance at the bookstore; it was too bad that I wasn't there to witness it!! :P

Alice Teh said...

I remember your happy snoopy dance! *GRIN*