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Holly Lane by Toni Blake: Review

Toni Blake
SBN-13: 9780062024602
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/25/2011
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Edition description: Original
Pages: 384
Series: Destiny, Ohio Series, #4

Sue Ann Simpkins is working hard to rebuild her life and find some holiday spirit. A weekend away from Destiny in a cabin on nearby Bear Lake seems like the perfect Christmas gift to herself -- until her ex's best friend, Adam Becker, shows up at the door, claiming the cabin is his! And if that's not trouble enough, how had she never noticed how gorgeous he was?

Alone for the holidays and forced to play a reindeer at the local department store, Adam's been feeling rather Scrooge-ish himself. But finding the smart, sexy woman he's admired since elementary school waiting in the house he rented is helping to brighten his humbug mood. And when a sudden snowstorm strands them together in very close quarters, leading to one very hot night together, Adam soon realizes that what he really wants for Christmas is a second chance at love. Now all he has to do is convince Sue Ann....

Sue Ann's perfect world has changed when her ex husband Jeff, divorced her six months ago. Feeling shocked and disappointed, she decided to take a weekend off and take a trip to the cabin where she can concentrate on being herself and figure out what to do. She want to stay strong for her daughter Sophie, because she wanted her to have the best Christmas and not worrying about her and Jeff aren't together anymore. But as she is about to settle down and to relax in the cabin, her ex-husband's best friend Adam, walks in the cabin.

Grumpy and disappointed that his twin sons are off for the holiday with their grandparents and won't be spending holidays with him, Adam decided to spend his time at the cabin where he and his twin sons usually go to on Thanksgiving. He wanted to keep those memory of his time spent with his boys when they are together in the cabin, the one they rented every year. But he is surprised to find Sophie in his cabin and demand to have his cabin back.

After learning the owner made a mistake on their reservation from the registry and that both Adam and Sue Ann are double booked in the same cabin, things got worse when they also found themselves snowed in as well. But sparks started to fly when their attractions collide, and their one night together was hot and steamy. The next day, they both agree that this can only be a one time thing and when they come home to Destiny, no one is to know about what happened in the cabin. When they came back to Destiny, both started to feel like...maybe their one night stand might be more than just sex between them. And no matter how hard they tried to stay away from each other, they just couldn't deny their attraction for each other is there. But because Sophie has trust issues, she fear to have relationship with Adam due to his secret and any relationship with him would mean losing custody of her daughter.

I loved that this book kinda has the classic retelling of A Christmas Carol with the premonition ghost dream thrown in, even though it is contemporary romance. I admit I wasn't expecting it in Toni Blake's Destiny novel, but I enjoyed this book because it themed around Christmas holidays and I thought it just seems to fit with A Christmas Carol added in. It was minor things, that didn't take away the story.

I loved that even behind Adam 'bah-humbug' grumpy attitude, there is a soft and sweetness side of him. The wonderful sweet things he did for little Sophie was heartfelt that it gave me those warm-fuzzy feeling moments. He wants Sophie Christmas to be special, and it surely shown in his actions. I loved the way he loves his two sons and think about them all the times. I know for sure he is a great dad. And I know a couple of times I just wanted to knock some sense out of Sue Ann and Adam when they resisting to be together, especially Sue Ann. I understand the issues about Sue Ann's fear since her divorce and not wanting to lose her daughter, but it become annoying when she keeps making that as an excuse to have chance with Adam at every opportunity.

I'm very happy to see old characters showing up again. It was nice to see them and get a peek of what they have been doing since their HEA. Especially the good surprise! And I sure hope to see them again in the next two upcoming books.

HOLLY LANE is about second chances, new beginnings, and finding love when and where you least expect it. Also it is a self discovery break through, uplifting, sweet, heartfelt, magical, romantic and steamy hot! I felt every emotions that was thrown toward me, and sighed contently after I finished and closed the book. It is the perfect book to read during Christmas time or winter, and have a cup of hot chocolate while you read it. It would sure warm your heart.

I'm a huge reader of Toni Blake's books. All of the Destiny novel are sitting in my keeper bookshelf. I know it's the novel I want to re-read over again. I'm in love with every characters in Destiny because I felt they are real, although my heart always belong to Mick and Lucky *G*. I'm looking forward to reading more of Toni Blake's upcoming Destiny books and hope they are as good as the first four books!

4.5/5 stars

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