Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rec'd series book/JDRobb

Hi everyone!

While you're waiting for me to post my comments for Even Vampires Get the Blue I thought to post an recommend books. As you may not know, I love to read series books. And I have lot of collection of them from my favorite authors. Such authors like Suzanne Brockmann, JDRobb, Diana Gabaldon, Rebecca York, Janet Evanovich, Cindy Gerard, Tara Janzen...etc.

I will start and recommend you JDRobb's book "In Death" series. They're great book If you like futuristic book with crimes and bad ass cop heroine and very sexy hot hero..then pick this book up. As you read the series, you'll met the gang who is not just a wonderful friend but great group of family. You'll see their relationship/friendship developed throughout out each installments. You'll enjoy this book as they also have humors, intense and joyful emotions. Read it. You won't regret it :) JDRobb is also the same author who wrote under Nora Roberts too :)
Nora website!

The order of the "In Death" series are:

- Naked in Death
- Glory in Death
- Immortal In Death
- Rapture In Death
- Ceremony In Death
- Vengeance In Death
- Holiday In Death
- Midnight in Death, Silent Night Anthology
- Conspiracy In Death
- Loyalty in Death
- Witness In Death
- Judgment in Death
- Betrayal in Death
- Interlude in Death,Out of this World Anthology
- Seduction in Death
- Reunion in Death
- Purity in Death
- Portrait in Death
- Imitation in Death
- Remember When
- Divided in Death
- Visions in Death
- Survivor in Death
- Origin in Death
- Memory In Death (January 2006)
- Bump in the Night Anthology (April 2006)
- Born In Death (November 2006)

I will let you know what the next series by authors, that I will recommend to you next :) So come back soon!


Melody said...

Sure, Julia. I can't wait to see your next post on Suz's books! hehe...


Marg said...

At the moment I am 5 books into this series and I am really enjoying them. Kind of wondering why I haven't read them before!!

Julia said...

OMG Marg - You're going to have whole lot of good reading to do! You going to enjoy the rest - let me know how you like them :)