Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rec'd series books/Suzanne Brockmann

The next series by author I like to recommend is Suzanne Brockmann. Suz website! She write story about Navy SEALs teams (Troubleshooter series and Tall,Dark and Dangerous series.

The Troubleshooter series are consisted of more in depth writing, with 3 stories weaves together making it one brilliant book! It had more actions,more emotional depth,humors and hot intense sexual scenes in them. I enjoy this series and loves all the heroes in the team. You going to grow to love each characters/couples as their relationship develops in each installments. You even see them again, after they had their HEA( Happy Ever After). I love this series because of the way Brockmann weaves in 3 different stories and connected/tying them together so well. I also love getting into the head of heroes and their emotions. And I love that each heroes had their own personality, for us all to loves.

My favorite heroes is alway going to be Sam Starrett(Sam and Alyssa story "Gone Too Far"). It something about him that make me loves him all over again . He is honorable man, with southern bad boy images. He funny and loves his Alyssa. He take action with out any hesistation. His background life was such sad and tortures for him that you can't help but love him.

And I also like Max ("Over the Edge"), the FBI guy with big heart. Very sweet and he protect his woman. He love snoopy PJ (lol)...

The titles of the books for this series are:


- The Unsung Hero
- The Defiant Hero
- Over the Edge (my favorite)
- Out of Control
- Into the Night
- Gone Too Far (my favorite)
- Flashpoint
- Hot Target
- Breaking Point
- Into the Storm coming out in August 15 2006

The Tall,Dark and Dangerous series are more lighter stories then The Troubleshooterseries are. Both are about Navy SEALs team but from different team and publisher. It had romance and heroes to die for. A little action but enough stories to entertained you.

The titles for this series are:

TALL,DARK AND DANGEROUS series (team 10)

- Prince Joe
-Forever Blue
-Frisco's Kid
-Everyday, Everage Jones
-Havard's Education
-It Came Upon a Midnight Clear(released as "Hawken's Heart")
-The Admiral's Bride
-Get Lucky
-Taylor's Temptation
Night Watch

Don't delay reading these series by Suzanne Brockmann. She is one of the great author...just my opinion. You going to love them and care for each heroes as much as I did :) Suz website!


Darla said...

This looks great, Julia! Congratulations on learning how to do the links. It's fun trying out new things--enjoy!

Julia said...

Thank Darla! I'm yet to learn it all, but am getting there :)