Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Close Up ****1/2

(Romantic Suspense)
This is the first time I have read a book by Virginia Kantra. I was recommended this book by many good friends (Darla included *grin* - Thank You!) . I waited so long to read it, because I was busy trying to play catch up on my other books series. But because I trust my friends who have recommended me great books in the pasts, I knew I be in for good reading. And they were right :) Not only that...a popular author, Suzanne Brockmann also recommended her reader to read this book too (grin). And I'm difinately going to read Home Before Midnight , the second book to the installment. If you want to know more about this author books...click here
Virginia Kantra website

This is romantic suspense story set in North Carolina. The story began with Lexie running away from the survivalist,religious group who kidnapped her to teach her FBI director father a lesson.

Jack Miller, a suspended cop, came to North Carolina to rescue his sister from her abusive husband, who is the leader of a survivalist cult group. His sister wrote letters pleading him to come get her and Issack, her son, away from the compound because she feared for their safety from her husband.

But when Jack went to get his sister, he saw Lexie trying to escape from the compound and decided to help her even though he knew he shouldn't, because it could ruin the plan he made to save his sister, Sally. So they did their best to hide in the deep forest, away from Locke's men.

Then love sparked between the two, and they wondered if they will see each other again after he gets her to safety. Also, Lexis had pictures to prove the abuse and wrong that the survivalist cult was doing. Once for all she wanted to take them down, especially the leader, the man who kidnapped her. And to do that, she would have to give herself up to leader.

The book was tension-packed, romantic, and suspenseful with enough emotion added in. It was fast pace, exciting and with a lot of action! I love it :)I loved the two main characters and they seem to be a likeable couple :)

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