Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Trilogy Rec'd Books/Jacey Ford & Beverly Brandt

I'm going to recommend a trilogy books this time. Today I recommend Jacey Ford. She is an romantic suspense writer. Jacey Ford is also a pseudonym name to Beverly Brandt -which is lighter side of her's contemporary comedies romance. I was hooked into Jacey Ford Partner in Crimes trilogy when my dear friend Darla recommend her books to me. And it is a very pack action series with strong heroines. I love strong heroines in my books *grin*. I have read so many books with heroines not being so strong but yet likable anyway, but this was great change :)

Partner in Crimes is about three friends, former FBI agents, who left their job to run a Partner in Crimes business together. And each women get their own HEA stories for each installments. You will met Raine, Aimee and Daphne as they solve each mystery and along the way, fall in loves. They're lot of fun, actions, romance, emotional depth and strong heroines who kick butt. It sorta reminded me of the TV show "Alias", which had ended their season series finale this year. As you read, you can't help but applause to the heroines and the risk they took to save not only themselves but others too. It really a worthy read! :)

The titles of this trilogy are:

1) Dangerous Curves
2) I Spy (my most favorite of the three!)
3) Dead Heat

I haven't read under Beverly Brandt yet - But Darla assure me it is good. So I might try this soon.

For more info on Jacey Ford books, here her's website, see below. Also I add the link to Beverly Brandt as well (her pseudonym name). If you interested just follow the link below.....

Jacey Ford website

Beverly Brandt website


Darla said...

Hehe. You're welcome. :)

Beverly Brandt is more romantic comedy, and Jacey Ford is romantic suspense, but there's starting to be a little bit of overlap. The business in Dead Heat shows up in... oh heck, I don't remember. One of Beverly Brandt's stories, anyway. Match Game, I think. Actually, I think it's the other way around, because Match Game came out first.

Ooooh, I have an extra copy of Match Game around here somewhere--want it? It's not part of a series or anything. Let me know, k?

Julia said...

Darla - Thank for the info. I did went up to Jacey Ford website right. The hero from Dead Heat have a brother who is in Match Game. You mention in your blog that you wish you read Match Game before reading Dead Heat, for that reason.

Sure would love to have the extra copy of Match Game...thank! You know my email - contact me :)