Friday, August 04, 2006

Even Vampires Get the Blue ****

As promise I'm going to post my thought on Even Vampires Get the Blue" by Katie MacAlister. It started out slow, only because I was busy during the summer. My niece was here with me for the whole summer and I didn't get any time to read much. So I find myself having to put the book down every few minutes. I finally was able to read where I left off, and find that I sorta (I admit it)enjoy it...a little. I usually like reading Katie's vamp books but with this one, I felt the book was different then all the previous installment of the vamps series. In some way I was let down. I think because I don't get to see the previous heroine or characters making appearance in this one. But each new characters in this one was likeable in their own way and that what I enjoy about the book. Other then that this had different feel of the book and it seem like something is missing. I would still recommend anyone to read this book. But start from the first book. If you love romantic comedy of vamps, you will enjoy each installments. It is a fun, laugh out loud a minute :)

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