Friday, August 04, 2006

Rec'd Book and What I'm Reading

Shadow of the Moon by Rebecca York / Silent Water by Jan Coffey

My next reading will be Shadow of the Moon by Rebecca York. I usually love reading York's Moon series, werewolves story. They had all kind of cool action going on. Such as Demon against wizard, werewolf with witches..and so on. Each werewolf brothers and friends get their own stories told. I managed to get one of my friend, Angela from England to read the first book and she love it. Since the hero in the first book was P.I. The heroes are yummy and you weren't want to miss reading about them. And yes Melody,(*grin*) it is part of series :) Thank to my friend Darla, who got me hooked to these series. I weren't have discover werewolves story *wink* :)

While you wait for me to finish with Shadow of the Moon so that I can blog my thoughts on it.... I thought I recommend a stand alone book this time.

I recommend Silent Water by Jan Coffey. It is great book if you like romantic suspense. Actually it more of suspense in this book. It is a edge to the seat face pace read. Suspense and action. Jan Coffey is pseudonym of husband and wife writing team Jim and Nikoo McGoldrick. Here the Blurb I find at the back of the book for Silent Water :

"Fighting for their lives aboard the hijacked submarine, superintendent Amy Russell and Commander Darius McCann have only one hope for survival. With the lives of millions at stake, they must play a dangerous game of cat and mouse, where capture would mean certain death......

On land, Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Connelly and Commander Bruce Dunn are working to learn the details of the hijacking in time to stop attack. As mass hysteria paralyzes New York City, the two investigators uncover a trail of secrets as dangerous as the silent weapon aimed at the heart of America."

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Melody said...

Another series!!! Thanks Julia, but er...we shall see. :-P