Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen : Edition # 5

First I want to say Hi and welcome back to Thursday Thirteen! So glad we're back again! I hope everyone have a good Thursday! :)

Thirteen Things I did on Wednesday

1- Wake up in the morning, had breakfast and then go to work with mom

2- Did alot of sewing today but less customers

3- Had lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch (YUMMY!) and I did some reading on "French Twist" by Roxanne St. Claire

- During lunch break hour, I checked emails, and make sure the yahoo group list that I co-moderated is doing okay. Plus accepting the posts that was in the spam folder, that should be allowed in since they're our regular poster. *sigh* there always a posts in there, everyday :( And then I post an reply emails to both my yahoo group and also my personal emails.

5- continue sewing through out the rest of the day while chatting with mom. We talked about my older sister 'cause it her birthday,which is today March 1st. Probably going to sent her text messages tonight to wish her Happy Birthday *grin*

6- Then check in the emails again, to be sure everything is okay, reply to with friends for short minutes on IMs...etc. Visit book authors website for update online and then take a quick reading on my book

7- Leave for home from work, but stop by grocery store to get something for dinner.

8- Get home and found out that I finally got my pink T-shirt prizes that I won from online, in the mailbox yay! This took nearly two weeks to deliver to me. I also got my two movies from Netflix in the mail, double yay! *grin*

9- I made Rice Krispe treat for dessert. YUM!

10- watch TV shows (American Idols, Lost), My good friend call me. She want to invited me over to her house for dinner on the weekend with her sister and mom and then maybe go out too! Should be fun! Then check emails, read few Chapters from the book and chat with my friend Melody, before she head for lunch *grin*

11- Eat late dinner - yes am late eater *grin*. Read a few Chapters from "French Twist" ohhhhhhhh really really good book ;) Thinking why my friend Melody won't pick up this darn book *grin*

12- Forgot something, so I went to the store real quick to buy some blank bookmarks. In another group list, we participate in the "Spring Bookmark Exchange". So since I love to do scrapbooks, I decided to have the bookmarks hand-made om white blank bookmarks :) Last year I hand-made 4 bookmarks to friend for the "Fall Bookmarks Exchange", it was fun! I will try to load pictures of it here, if you want to see it :) I also got myself some books "No Regrets" by Shannon Butcher and "Thunderstruck" by Roxanne St. Claire (this is Harlequin NASCAR). I'm anxiously waiting for "New Moon" by Rebecca York, "Deadly Game" by Christine Feehan which will be out in March! Talk to my friend Melody for bit before she head home from work.

13- Watch the TV shows that I record on Tuesday (Gilmore Girls and The Unit) check emails one last time and then I head to bed (yeah I know this was boring list - sorry! Was your butt asleep? *grin*)

So tell me - Did you had a good Wednesday? What books are you waiting for to be release in March? Did you watch any TV shows last night? Do you love to scrapbooks just like me?

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Dragonheart said...

Making bookmarks sounds like fun!

Yesterday, my humans watched an episode of Stargate SG-1 that they recorded on Tuesday evening, and then watched the new episode of Stargate Atlantis.

Happy T13. :)

Lisa said...

We watched American Idol- for the girls I liked Jordan last night, and Sundance on Tuesday. Everyone seems so inconsistent though.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like a good day to me! I like to grab a few minutes here and there to read also, and to watch my favorite shows. On Wednesday, we watched Idol and Lost also. On Tuesday night, we had to tape Idol while we watched NCIS and The Unit. We're TV junkies here :)

I would love to see your bookmarks! I used to scrapbook some, but haven't scrapped any since I started blogging and reading more. I'd love to see how you do it and what they look like!

Hope you have a great Thursday! I didn't realize the T13 was back, that's good news :)

Melody said...

Hey Julia, great post! And I can see you have mentioned my name, twice! LOL. Happy TT!

Julia said...

dragonheart - A friend of mine is big fan of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlanis. She raves about this show. I haven't even watch it yet ;)

Lisa - I can't remember who Jordan is but I think that Melinda is my favorite. But I like Gina too, the rock in roll gal LOL. Other I like also were Laskhisa, stephanies. Who your favorte from the guys?

Hi Stacy - so nice to see you here and posting, again :) Yep TTs re-open and we have 2 new owner now. I will try to post pics of the hand-made bookmarks I made when I can get the time to. I still scraps but mostly about my nieces though :)

Hi Melody! Yeah - I just know that I can not do this TTs without mention my dear long lost twin sister....couldn't I? LOL

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Have a happy Thursday Thirteen!