Monday, March 05, 2007

Rec'd series books/ Susan Elizabeth Phillips

It been a while since I recommend any series book. And I'm a HUGE fan of series books. So I thought I'll changed that and post it today. If you have been following my blog, you'll see I have posted 6 different recommendation by authors since last year. You can check them all out by clicking the archive months on the right side bar of this blog :)

Chicago Star Series by Elizabeth Phillips

First let me say that the first non-Chicago Star stand alone book I try by Susan, did not interested me. I stopped in the middle of the book then. I thought it might be the book or the mood that I was in at the time. Since mood play a big part in my reading habit. So I try another of hers stand alone book. And got the same reaction I did with the first book. And so I thought that SEP's books wasn't for me. Lucky my friend Jill, had changed that theory for me. She recommended me to try SEP's Chicago Stars series. I think she knew I was big fan of series book and decided to get me to read them. Knowing that I have been disappointed with two stand alone that I've try so far, I was skeptical about reading the third after two strike. But I decided to give it a go. After all there is saying that a third time is always the charm..right? And what do you work! The first book from the series, It Had to Be You grab me from the first page and I was entertained through out the whole book. From there I started to collect them all and read the whole series. So glad I decided to read them, thanks you Jill!

The Chicago Stars Series aren't just always perfect at first. The heroes may be mean and jerk or been too rough on the heroine (or visa versa with heroine too) but both learn a lesson about themselves and from each others. And the relationship grow as they get closer and redeem themselves. There are plenty of laugh and good dialogue's that I always seem to quotes to my friends all the time. The heroes are a yummy football stars, bad boy with attitude but yet soft when they met the heroine...well almost ;) They can be sweet at a time. And wonderful, great cast of characters! I really love these series and hope reader would read them. I know that some of the heroes in the books (maybe 3 of them) aren't football stars but more like a close relation to the football stars characters. But they're good too. And please don't stop reading if and when you get to the scenes where you think it really going to happen and you're ready to throw it across the wall. It is NOT what it seem to be. And SEP had said, why not trust her on the writing? Just keep reading :)

Here is the order the books should be read :

It Had to Be You
Heaven, Texas
Nobody's Baby But Mine
Dream a Little Dream
This Heart of Mine
Match Me If You Can (this is in both PB and HC)
Natural Born Charmer (new HC only, Feb. 6th 2007 release book)

If you want to take look at her books from her website, here take a look Susan Elizabeth Phillips site I love these series!

*notice - the first 5 books are in PB only. I don't know if it ever going to be re-issues in HC. But if they are, and you know about it, please let me know. I would like to collect them and put it in my keeper bookshelf :) However the PB have been re-issued with a newer PB covers. end notice*


Marg said...

I just recently bought It Had To Be You, so that I can start reading this series!

Julia said...

Great Marg! I hope you won't be disappoint in it. Let me know what you think once you read it :)

kat said...

My best friend actually gave me "Nobody's Baby But Mine" to read first because she found the Lucky Charms part really funny. I wanted "Dream a Little Dream" because of... the 2nd brother (sorry, bad with names!). The other books I just stumbled across by accident, and it wasn't until I got "This Heart of Mine" did I realize that it's a series! I'm thinking of giving it to my best friend as a gift. I love the humor in the stories!

Julia said...

Funny how you stumble through all the books and then finding it part of an series LOL! I always read series books in order, unless I didn't know about it. Then it wouldn't be my fault LOL!

I think that be perfect gifts to give to your friend. She would love it. And like you, I love the humors in these series too!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)