Saturday, March 03, 2007

Killer Curves by Roxanne St. Claire

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Celeste life turn upside down, when an unexpected visitor came and tell her that her biological father, Travis Chastaine a racing car legend, is dying and need a kidney. What she know of her father, was by accident when she discover a legal document papers in the attic, of his signature stating that he took twenty-five thousand dollar in exchange agreement that he will never contact her or her mother. And this discovery anger her because she thought he didn't want her. But the visitor, Beau Lansing the famous and sexy NASCAR racer was determined to get her to go to Florida with him and help her father.

After the shame discovery of her step father Gavin Bennett and a three broken engagements, Celeste finally decided to go to Florida..if Beau get her job under a fake name. So that she can get to know her biological father, without him knowing. Then she can decided if she would give him her kidney or not.

Beau Lansing is use to women drooling and fallen upon his feet. But he never expected to be attracted to Celeste and she isn't his type. When he promise to get her a position job as sponsor liaison for the Chastaine Motorsports Company, Celeste life is threatened by someone who know her true identity. And Beau would protect to save her.

It is enjoyable, easy and fast pace read with sizzling intense and sweet romance. A fairly good of suspense.A good book, that made me want to read more by Roxanne St. Claire :)

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Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I loved this book and Rocki has won several awards for it. She has another out Thunderstruck and a Christmas release Tis the Silly Season.

But if you loved this book, read her "Bullet Catcher" series which are Thrill Me to Death, Kill Me Twice and another soon to be released. Check out her website for the trailer on the series.

Happy reading and if you want some reading suggestions, check out my romance blog, Marilyn's Romance Reviews.