Thursday, April 26, 2007

Match Game by Beverly Brandt

(Contemporary Romance)

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When Reverend Black ask the guests if anyone object to the couple marriage, Accountant Savannah Taylor started to vision, like so many time when she watch her favorite classic movie with Doris Day and Gary Grant or Colin Firth and Renee Zellweger at the end of "Bridget Jones Diary", that she wish the door would bust open and a dark tortured hero would tell her that he tried to love her from afar but couldn't no longer deny his feeling for her and then sweep her off her feet. But instead her wedding was interrupted when a cops bust in and wrongfully arrest her at the alter for money laundering and tax evasion. But later she was released after she prove to the FBI that someone else has stole her identity and rang up her bills. But even proven her innocence did not sway her fiance, Todd to stay with her. He as soon left her because he think she "wasn't worth the trouble".

Savannah soon realized, after she discover the fake "Vanna" who stole her identity, that she been living a much better life then her. She decided to change and reinvent herself and become the new Vanna. So she tried to do the opposite of what the old Savannah would do. While going through the changes she also decided to leave home and take off to Naples, Florida to find her identity thief - hoping that maybe the answers to all her problem would be found there. And find a new job. It was there when she met Mike Bryson.

A US Air Marshall Mike Bryson, learn that his mother who has a habit to matchmaking her two sons, has rent a room to Savannah at the Sand Dune Motel without running a background check file on her. So he decided to take it in his own hand to hired the private investigation to check on her instead. But he couldn't help but be attracted to her. He didn't think Savannah is his type - after all he refer the practical and responsible women.

I like that the book has many reference of the 80's background history in the story, because those were my favorite time. Reading it make me look back at those wonderful time in my childhood days when I live through the 80's years whether it musics, movies, styles, shows, clothes, toys or people. It fun years to me. I also think if is fun to have some quizzes at the end of each chapters from the book.

I learn later that Beverly brandt and Jacey Ford (same author) are overlapping the stories. You should read Match Game(Beverly Brandt) before reading Dead Heat (Jacey Ford's Partners in Crime series) because Mike Bryson is brother of Sam Bryson from Dead Heat. Plus if you remember their mother Lillian who own the company, Rules of Engagement, is seen in both books too. She the one who has bad history of setting up her two sons with date. I highly recommend you to read "Partner in Crime" series. It is Romance Suspense books. click here to get to her other pen name, Jacey Ford. It has more adventure, actions and romance in them, which I like! :)

Match Game is a fun and easy read book. And there were laugh out loud scenes. Deep writing in depth and characters were likable. The story were good but a little predictable at a time.

Book #2 Dating Games is already out since October 2006.


Darla said...

Book #2 Dating Games is already out since October 2006.

It is??? ARGH! How'd I miss it? Adding it to my May book order. Sheesh.

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Julia said...

Darla, yep "Dating Games" has been out since last year in October. I'll get my copy soon too.

Thanks for sending me this book and recommend me to read it :)