Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Top 10 Things You Like to Do Alone

Ten On Tuesday

When I was typing my list, I realized that some of the things I listed does not always necessarily mean I like to do it alone at all times. It one of those days when you are in the moods to want company or not. Most day I like to do it alone and other times it nice to have sisters and friends around :)

1. Read
2. Watch TV/movies
3. listen to musics
4. wrap up gifts
5. write journals/letter
6. Take a nice hot bath (with candles, bubble bath..etc)
7. shopping
8. take a walk
9. cook/bake
10. exercises


lmilla said...

Another good list! You thought of some things I didn't!

Happy Tuesday!

busybee said...

Great list. Errr, what is the exercise of which you speak? If I ever had the energy to do it, I would def want to be doing it alone! hahaha

Have a good one, and thanks for the visit!

Gail said...

Ooo! Wrapping gifts is a good one! I prefer doing that alone, too.

Patois said...

I hadn't thought of #4, but totally agree!

Julia said...

Imilla - Hi, glad that I listed something that you didn't think of...I wonder what it was LOL.

Busybee - Well the exercise of course need good concentration. And I like to do it without all the noises. But then having someone watch me exercise is also make me nervous LOL!

Gail - I like to be able to gift wraps on my own because it more enjoyable to wrap and relax. My family have habit of just ruining the perfect wrapping, and it bother me. Okay I admit it..am wrapper freak LOL!

Patois - Glad that you agree :)

Thanks everyone for visiting and stopping to comments. Have a nice Ten on Tuesday - and good day

Kitty said...

Great list. I didn't think of excercising.

Melody said...

Hey Julia, great list! #6 sounds wonderful! Happy Ten on Tuesday.

Julia said...

Hi Kitty and Melody - Thanks for the comments and stopping by :)

smiller7152 said...

I like this one! I like to wrap gifts alone too..I find solace in that!


Julia said...

Smiller7152 - thanks for visiting my blog - so glad am not the only one with the wrap gift alone :)

Alice Teh said...

Aha Julia... I forgot about "exercise". Thank you for the reminder. =)

Actually, I have another one too, which I have also forgotten to include and that is "book wrapping". I find it very therapeutic to wrap all my new books and then proudly add 'em to my TBR pile. Hehe...