Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10 Greatest Accomplishments in Your Life

Ten On Tuesday

Basely, things that I accomplished are always having to do with my family and oldest friends who is my most important people in my life. So that is my most accomplishments for me. Here are my lists......

1. Watch my niece Trish Graduate..so glad I was there to see it
2. Being there for my oldest niece in time of trouble and problem.
3. Taking lot of pictures of my nieces life and put it either inside the photo albums or scrapbook it.
4. Keep in contact with my family and stay close to them without going insane. We are very close family :)
5. Me, finishing Highschool in the year '90 and gain a little weight but not get too fat.
6. writing draft of 3 unpublished stories (and no it will never be publish *grin*)
7. Read 50 books for the "50 Challenge Books" that our group in JDRobb are participating in
8. Helping one of my friend out, since she is raising two kids on her own without a husband.
9. Helping the soldiers by sending them goody packages in the mails.
10. Help a friend to get people to contribute gift cards for the JDRobb baskets every years. Which will be raffle for good charity cause.

What about you? What your greatest accomplishments in your life? If you like to, answers it on the comments here :)


Melody said...

Julia, what a great list of accomplishments! You must be so proud of yourself! {Hugs}

Julia said...

Thanks Melody for the comment and hugs, and yes I am proud of it. :)

*hugs back at ya* :)

Hootin'Anni said...

I really can appreciate numbers 8 and 9!! For all your accomplishments tho, you've done well!!

Mine are posted.

Kitty said...

You have a great list. You sound like a really lovely caring person.

JennieBoo said...

I know my aunt (godmother) has meant so much to me in my life, so I can totally identify with 1,2,& 3.

Thank you for sharing your accomplishments. I'm very proud of you! :)

See ya next week, if not before!


Patois said...

Good for you on your accomplishments! You make me laugh on the second part of #5. And bravo to you for #9.

Just Expressing Myself said...

I am sure that friend with children you're helping really appreciates you too!
Sending goody packages to soldiers sounds like something I'd like to do - do you have any info you can post about it?
Take care,

Julia said...

Hootin' Anni - Thanks for the comment and I do love my oldest friend (the one I'm helping out), she one of the people who mean the world to me. And I'm always like to help our soldiers :)

Kitty - Thanks for comments, I just hope so...Sometime I just don't that I am LOL

Jennieboo - Your godmother is lucky to have you in her life too, am sure :) Thanks for the comment

Patois - LOL about # 9! I was skinny growing up, but now I have some meat and I'm still petite...atlease that what people said LOL! Thanks for comment

Just expressing Yourself - Thanks, I do have info that someone currently are doing packages. I will try to look up the info and pass it to you....thanks for comments

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog. Your comments is appreciate it - Happy Ten on Tuesday!

Alice Teh said...

Oh Julia, this is a wonderful list! BTW, never say never because you might just be published one day. Hehe...


Julia, awesome acomplishments!! You WILL be published one day. Never say never, sweetie, LOL! My greatest accomplishment is my family, a wonderful DH, two wonderful kids, and every book I write, it fills me with pride and joy. =)

Julia said...

Alice - thanks for confidence in me :)

Red Garnier - Thanks for confidence. You probably have wonderful family who also pride and love you with joy :)

Thanks you both for visiting my blog