Monday, May 28, 2007

A Thank You From Trish

If everyone remember, last Thursday I did a Thursday Thirteen meme about my niece Trish's Graduation Travelogue. If you don't remember or haven't read it then CLICK HERE and it'll take you to Trish Graduation Travelogue.

Trish would like to thanks everyone for the congratulation. It mean so much to her and she appreciate it. It make her happy to know that her aunt, Julia has such a great and wonderful friends out there :) She also like to congrats everyone who have family members/friends who is also (or already did) graduated.

If all work well, she probably will move in with my family and attend college here. This would be fun, since it will make up all the lost times that she and I didn't spent the times together during holidays. I can so imagine we will be watching lot of movies together...again :) But of course, we can't always have too much fun...she need to study after all ;)

Thanks again, everyone for the good wishes and congrats to Trish's Graduation.


Melody said...

Hey Julia, I'm sure Trish had a great time at the graduation ceremony. And I bet you are looking forward to your niece's moving into your house soon. :)

Julia said...

Thanks Melody! And yes, am looking forward to Trish moving here :)

Alice Teh said...

You are most welcome!! Keep us updated! :)

Julia said...

I will Alice! Thanks again! :)