Tuesday, May 08, 2007

10 Things Most People Don't Know About You

Ten On Tuesday

1. I'm very tiny, short and look very young for my actual age *grin*

2. I like to give instead of take - Nothing more priceless then seeing the person you given gifts to, get excited over something they are not expecting to get. But you know that is what they wanted

3. I'm hearing impaired - I've been since I was born. I was a premie baby, and I think I was born either a month early or three weeks early. Mom said because of that and being sick, it reason I had hearing problem. I didn't lose my hearing until I reach the 4th grade.

4. I like to make people laugh and smile- I always think that laughter is the best medicine. And it is. Smile and you'll get smile back. It what lift up someone day.

5. To relax, beside books(I love to read!), I like to write letters to people I've either not seen in long time or people I've been with forever(Family and friends).

6. I'm very shy in person than I am online - When I'm online I can just say anything and talk and talk. I think of it as being "typtive" person online *grin*

7. I'm very sensitive person. Can cry easily over small thing

8. I never dated anyone in Highschool, but that because all the good one was taken. Sadly this also mean I never went to my Junior/Senior Prom

9. I don't paint my nails unless for special occasion. And my nails are always long but neat.

10. I was once a big fan of New Kids on the Block

What about you? What 10 things most people don't know about you?


Patois said...

I live your list. New Kids on the Block, eh? At least you're not ashamed to admit it!

Tendrils said...

OH no! I saw NKOTB in concert!!!! LOL! (I don't tell many people that!)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

Jolene said...

I'll join you Julia and admit that I was a fan of New Kids On The Block too. Joey McIntyre was the one for me back in 1989.

I'm not exactly the happy-go-lucky type, but I do try to make people laugh and smile when I can.

Kitty said...

Nice list! I didn't date in highschool either - no decent boys and my dad wouldn't let me.

Julia said...

Patois - LOL yeah NKOTB, and I almost didn't add them to the list. I was young then, but I don't tell too many people about them either *shrug* LOL

Tendrils - I never been to NKOTB concert, but use to envy those who did at the time.

Jolene - Jordan Knight was the one I like *grin*. I'm more "silly" when making people laugh or smile...not good for my rep LOL

Kitty - Maybe you and I can sit in the corner together? *grin*, my dad was stric when I was kid. Boyfriend was not allow LOL. But now he is not stric anymore.....

Thanks everyone for stopping by...have nice Ten on Tuesday!

Melody said...

Hey Julia! I used to like New Kids on the Block too!!! Glad you brought them up though, hehe.

Julia said...

Hey Melody - didn't know that you use to be into NKOTB! WOW! Thanks for posting :)

Alice Teh said...

NKOTB... the band that made the girls in my all-girl school go weak in the knees. But I was spared -- somehow was 'immune' to boy bands at that time. LOL.

I used to write lots of letters, some even 10 pages long. But that was long, long time ago. Hehe...

Thanks for sharing this. Now most people know more about you, the things they didn't know about you! LOL.


Julia said...

Alice - Awww, I guess am easily to sway to like boy bands at that time LOL.

I find it relaxing when I write letters. That why I contiue to do it *grin*. You welcome...I hope you stop by often. I enjoy visiting your blog :)

kat said...

I'm about ten years younger than Joey, but I loved him so much ahaha. NKOTB had alot of fans even here in the Philippines, but I wonder why no one dares to admit it unless someone else does it first ahaha.

I like to write letters too. Email's handy and convenient, but sometimes nothing beats just sitting down with a pen and paper and writing to a friend. Hmm, I should do it more often. :)

Julia said...

Kat - I normally don't tell either, not outside compute life LOL! Nice to see you again :)