Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rec'd series books/ Susan Mallery: The Buchanans

Today, I'm recommend Susan Mallery's The Buchanans series. I actually won the first two books from one of the yahoo group that I subscribe to. And was excited once I got it in my mailbox. I read both book and really like it. It left me with good impression of the family that I decided to buy the third book sizzling (which came out in Jan. 2007) on my own. I will pick up the next book Tempting in July 2007. What I like about the series is that they are funny, sexy, charming, heartwarming and hot. It make you laugh and cry. And you will love the family as much as I do too. The men are very hot and you will love them. From what I read, I like the interaction with each characters to one another (yes even when they are crazy people) One of the main things I like to see in my reading. And humors AND foods are involved in the stories of the books too. *grin*.

The Buchanans series, is about a family, live in city of Seattle, who has and owns a number of restaurants that built the family empire. Each family member are unique, dynamic and full of depth. As their stories are told, they will go through danger, mystery and romance.

Here is the order of The Buchanans series should be read:

Delicious (February 2006) – Cal’s book
Irresistible (July 2006) – Walker’s book
Sizzling (January 2007) – Reid’s book
Tempting (July 2007) – Dani’s book

And if you like to find more info on The Buchanans Family Go over to Susan Mallery website. You might want to browse around for her backlist of her other work as well :)

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