Monday, May 07, 2007

Rec'd trilogy books/ Sandy Blair: Castle Blackstone series

Sandy Blair website

The Castle Blackstone series in order:

1. A Man in a Kilt
2. A Rogue in a Kilt
3. A Thief in a Kilt
4. A Warrior in a Kilt(unknown release date)

Sandy Blair is one of the Scottish historical author who always feature great Highlander alpha heroes with a paranormal twist! each of the The Castle Blackstone series books had humors that would make you laugh through out the pages. There is balance of actions, humors, excitement and adventure. She can take two likable characters together and make it work. The characters would pull to your heart string and make you love them. Their passion and the journey they travel to...would lead you to a wonderful place of bless.

And all these things I said above,are the reason why I like her books *grin*. I was recommend this book from a friend who love historical books. I delay reading The Castle Blackstone series because it not my cup of teas anymore. Yes, I admit it. There are others historicals writer that I still read, but just won't pick up a "new author to me" anymore. Unless words of mouths buzz about an authors that might change my mind on their books. But after a years of my friend nagging *grin*, I decided to give Sandy Blair a go..and I'm so glad I read it. The series is good.

She also have two non-Kilt book that are good too, which is stand alone. They are:

1. How to Marry a Duke(anthology PB Feb. 2005 released)
2. A Highlander for Christmas(PB release in Oct. 2, 2007)

Sandy Blair is the author to keep an eyes on. Don't miss it! I recommend you to read it. You can always count on her to make you laugh, smile and love them. I know I did.

Yes - I don't read lot of historical anymore since it normally not my cup of tea. But some historical books I do continue to read, because I enjoy them. Sandy Blair is one of them. She is a wonderful, delightful and has a warm sense of humors. Very generous to heart woman. Make sure you stop by her website (see above link), take look around, read her books and email her to say hello :)

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