Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ask Not Where, But Where Not?

Booking Through Thursday

So, judging by last week’s answers, apparently the question I should have been asking was:

Where DON’T you read??

- I can't read in the car. The motions movement make me ills. When I went on road trip with a friend to Maryland 5yrs ago that lasted two days on the road, I was reading but I quit because I was not feeling well. Even though I did eat something earlier that morning before we left, I just felt I as going to pass out. We end up stopping by a small fast restaurant to get me something to eat and drink. My friend seem to think I was not eating enough earlier when we ate at Nora Roberts' son Pizza place. So by the time we were on the road again, I was feeling much better.

Even if the trip lasted for an hour or two, I still get ills reading in the cars. And even if the windows are shaded, I still get ills. Never been on train or bus before, so I weren't know if that would make any different

Even though I always bring plenty of books with me when visiting family/friends, I sometime don't always get the chance to read in their home. Sometime it because there bunches of family (I come from large family) around and it consider rude not to go talk to them. And other times it because I spent so much having fun with them that I forgotten I brought my books. This is what it like when we have our annual family reunion. Well...we use to have one, but now everyone is grown up and there isn't much time for it anymore. Sad, I know.

Other then that, I pretty much read anywhere. Because where I go, my books go :) Happy BTT everyone - hope you have nice Mother's Day weekend!

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Darla said...

Yeah, I'm pretty much the same. I get very carsick, but I can read if I take Dramamine--it just makes me fall asleep after a while.

And I don't read if I'm around friends or family, either--unless they're doing something solitary themselves.

Rhinoa said...

Cool similar to me! I take books everywhere with me even if I know I won't get a chance to read them.

Have a lovely mothers day weekend. We have had ours in the UK already.

alisonwonderland said...

i can't read in the car either. :(

Melody said...

Hey Julia, I don't read in a car or in a bus either! Makes me giddy!!! Happy BTT.

kat said...

I think it has something to do with the way the body responses to the movement... I dunno, I read it somewhere ehehe. But then, I wonder why I don't get dizzy when I play Gameboy hahaha.

Alice Teh said...

That's so true, Julia! I can't and will not read when I have visitors or visiting. It's plain rude. Thanks for sharing!

Happy Mother's Day to mothers and all! :D

Julia said...

Darla - this interesting because I hear alot people said they can read in the car. But maybe I understood it wrong, and what people meant was they read when the car isn't in motion *shrug*

Rhinoa - That happen sometime, I take books with me but won't get a chance to read it sometime

Alison - Good to know I'm not alone *grin*

Melody - it doesn't make me giddy but it make my head swirl LOL

Kat - so nice to see you still alive and kicking *grin* If not the body responses with the movement then it the eyes. But then you don't get dizzy while playing gamesboy and that shouls make you dizzy with the eyes focus on the game movements.

Alice - It family things. They want to talk to me *grin*

Thanks everyone for visiting. I hope you have great Mother's Day weekend. And my sympathy to those who mom passed away.

Literary Feline said...

I take a book with me wherever I go too. I didn't realize motion sickness was so common! I personally have no problem reading while traveling by car, train, bus, or airplane.

Julia said...

Literary - I guess I'm just too easily to get motion sickness *grin*

Thanks for stopping by!