Tuesday, June 05, 2007

10 Occupations You Wanted to be When You Were Young

Ten On Tuesday

I have a different take on this question. In no particular order, the following is the occupations I want to be.

- Liberian/bookstore owner
- writer/author
- Singer (in musical Broadway or Singing for MGM movies) Hey was I was kid! *grin*
- dancer (group dancing)
- teacher (for the disability kids/hearing impaired)
- social worker
- a Mom
- wedding planner
- Professional Ice Skater
- Auditory specialist Dr.

Photography and chef Bakery should be put on my lists. But at the time I wasn't interested in photography until I got older. And always loves to bakes a cake and cookies as kids, even though I tend to burn the bottom part lol!!


Melody said...

Hey Julia, that's a great list! I can tell you have an interest in photography because I have been hearing about it from you. ;)

Happy Ten on Tuesday!

Julia said...

Melody - Thanks for comment! And you right it does seem that I talk about photography alot LOL..I love my camera, photos and scrapbooks! ;) :)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you play this week :)

Alice Teh said...

Aaaaa... photography. Very nice! I love photography... LOL.

Great list, Julia. I'm doing up mine too. Ambition is my fav subject. Hehee...

Melody said...

Julia, I just posted mine.

Alice, glad you decide to play along. Can't wait to read your list. ;)

Hootin'Anni said...

Mine are similar....your social worker on your list is interesting....and quite brave, I'm not sure I could handle that one myself!!

Happy Tuesday.
Mine's posted

JennieBoo said...

Enjoyed your answers. I guess we all have an ambition to be "famous", be it with singing, dancing, acting, etc.

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Tuesday!

FalnAngel7 said...

Nice list. Your choices seem to be a mix of what I wanted to be then and now :)

Julia said...

Alice - I'm still learning photography. I know there are lot to learn. If you can give me any tips, I'll be glad to hear it :) I love to take pictures!

Hottin'anni - social worker, I have always want to help kids. I use to watch these movies or show with kids being left without home or whatsoever, and felt I wish I can do something for them.

Jennieboo - I enjoyed your answers as well. As kid, it was always singing and dancing for me. But of course, it not where my life is taken me right now *grin*

Falnangel17 - Thanks and I have enjoyed seeing your answers. I find it interesting since your is the biggest ambition.

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog! Happy Ten on Tuesday!

Just Expressing Myself said...

Professional ice skater - I love to watch them skaters glide across the ice - they make it look so easy.
I tried ice skating once; let's just say I'm not a natural.
Thanks for sharing,

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

I think being a wedding planner could be very entertaining and interesting.

Julia said...

Frances - I love watching professional ice skating, my favorite sport to watch. And...psss...*looking behind me and left to the right*...I too are not natural in skating...hehehe.

Jennifer - I always thought wedding planner is the biggest thing for me. I love to decorated and do crafts stuff as kids. And dreaming of my prince charming someday hehe..

Thanks you both for visiting my blog...Happy Ten on Tuesday!

Patois said...

Great list. So many people want fame -- singing, dancing. I like your ice skater ambition as well.

Julia said...

Patois - I have love dancing and singing all my kid life *grin*...I love your interesting list and is wow about it :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, Happy Ten on Tuesday

Julia said...

Interesting stuff. I came for the meme because we share a name, then I discovered we share a state. Creepy!

That Blue Girl said...

You have a great list too! Thanks for checking out my Tuesday 10. I Also wanted to be an ice skater and even took figure skating lessons in high school. However, my parents only considered it a "hobby" for me and then I HAD to go to college. I gave up on being the social worker because I am such an emotional person, I didn't think I could mentally handle the challenges of the job. If there was more room on the lsit I would have also put Photographer.

alisonwonderland said...

great list! i think my dream job now would be to own and manage a bookstore - without having to worry about turning a profit! :)

thanks for coming by!

Julia said...

The Blue Girl - Being Ice Skater should be fun! Notice all that I listed have not even come true :) I think like you, I will get too emotional invovled being a social worker that it'll be too hard for me to deal with it. And nothing wrong with having hobby and making living out of it. But nothing is wrong to college either :)

Alison - I would love to own bookstore with cafe someday!

Thanks both for coming by :)

Christine said...

I'm the same way. I love to bake cakes and cookies, but the bottoms always end up pretty dark. :( But they still taste good. :)

Being a singer would be on my list of something I'd want to do.