Friday, June 01, 2007

Oriental Carpet Bookmark

Oriental Carpet Bookmark (sent by Melody)

*Notice - click the picture to see it larger*

Yesterday on Thursday May 31, I did the "Unusual Bookmarks" for the Thursday Thirteen meme. I'm always doing mine Thirteen at the last minute, even though I try very hard to do mine ahead of time before the Thursday. Some night, I do posted it early and other night I posted it Thursday morning at 9AM or so. I just don't know how everyone does it, those who posted it ahead of time and very early....I'm just amaze :)

Well, in my rush to think of my Thirteen yesterday, at the spur of the moments of that morning I decided to do the "Unusual Bookmarks" (see below entry) and just didn't think of anything else beside putting mine Thirteen up on time. Thinking I did a great job on it, I was really applauding myself that mine was finally posted. Until....I forgotten two things....*gasp!*

1. To add my very good friend Melody's Oriental Carpet Bookmark that she sent me for Christmas last year.
2. To add my hand-made bookmarks that I made for a friend for the Fall Bookmarks Exchange, that one of my yahoo email group were doing.

Where did my brain go?! I'm so sorry Melody! I couldn't believe I forgotten my long long LONG lost twin sister, Melody LOL! Shame on me *grin*. So to make up for it, I decided to display the Oriental Carpet Bookmark here and give it all the attention and spotlight! See the picture above. This bookmark is a miniature rendition of an actual world famous Oriental Carpet. A particular carpet's name almost always comes from the village or region in which it is woven. It is "Tabriz" (Persia) Original circa 1710.

Isn't it beautiful?! I can not tell you how much I love this bookmark. When I first got them, I fell in love of the way it is made - a real carpet. It is a very unusual bookmark find, to me. Never seen one like it. However I was surprise to see one sold at my local Walden Bookstore, a month later. And I never knew it existed, not until I got this bookmark from Melody. I made sure the bookmark was kept in safest place, where it don't get lost or dirty (hence the reason why I forgotten about this bookmark). I'm afraid to use it LOL! I'm going to treasure this bookmark for long times. Thank you Melody, I love it and appreciate this gift! *hugs*!

I decided to post the hand-made bookmarks that I made for a friend for Fall Bookmarks Exchange, for another times. Not sure when or how I will post it, but it'll be soon. I love to do hand-made bookmarks and cards from scrapping. Yes, I love to scrapbooks too! And yes Melody, I promise to make you bookmarks..soon ;) :)


Melody said...

Awww...Julia, that's so sweet of you! I'm glad you like the bookmark. :D

Once again, thanks for putting a blog especially for it. I really feel honoured. :)

Julia said...

All for my good friend :)

Alice Teh said...


It's so nice to read this post. :D