Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Defiant Hero by Suzanne Brockmann

(Contemporary Romance-Military)
Suzanne Brockmann's website
4 half/5 stars

This is my re-read of The Defiant Hero that am re-reading along with my friend, Angela. I don't think the 2nd reading changed much when I read it the first time. The only thing is I understood Meg more better than I did the first reading. Still I enjoy it :)

Meg Moore, a widow, was forced by terrorists to kidnap a foreign national exchange for her daughter and grandmother, who was holding captive by them. Meg feel like it was hopeless situation, since she does not trust the terrorists nor anyone else for help. Under duress, she tell the hostage negotiators that she will only negotiator with John Nilsson, a Navy SEALs who she had met while in a past foreign assignment. But Meg would do anything to meet their unspeakable demands, anything --just to save her daughter.

John was summoned to Washington, D.C by FBI to help negotiate a hostage situation. But he didn't expect to find Meg holding the foreign ambassador at gunpoint. He has carried with him a feeling he had for her over many years. He just never acted on his feeling since she was married at the time. Now that they met once again, his feeling for her has never disappear.

We also get to see the first starting glimpse of the story behind the love-hate relationship between Navy SEALs Lt. Sam Starrett and the FBI Agent Alyssa Locke. (Their story proceed over the next several installments in the series. Their relationship was the favorite couple for me. I always look forward to reading their stories the most.)

There is a background story of Eve (Meg's mother- transplanted from Hollywood to Ramsgate, England when she was 15.) and Nick. The World War II subplot is centered around the May 1940 evacuation of the BEF (British troops) from Dunkirk in the terrible aftermath of the Nazi blitz invasion of France.

You will met more of the navy SEALs, Troubleshooter team: Wildcard, Jazz, Jenk, Mike Muldoon, Jay Lopez and so on. You will see more of them as the next installments move on.

I love this book because it beginning glimpse of Sam and Alyssa story, who is my favorite couple. We see some good and bad side of both and spark as well. Again I love Suz WWII subplot stories and always look forward to reading more of them. As always she done pretty well with threading three stories into one.

The reason why I grade The Defiant Hero 4.75 is because Meg is my least favorite heroine characters. At one point I just want to strangle her. But than I understood her reason why she does what she did, even when I don't like it. But as a whole, it was good book :)


Alice Teh said...

I don't think I have read any military fiction yet... This should be a good one to start with. Hehe... Thanks for the review, Julia!

Julia said...

Alice - I hope you give Suzanne a try someday. It good imo :) Your welcome for the are you doing with new job?

Alice Teh said...

I'm enjoying my new job. It's new in many sense -- the size of the organization, set up, etc. It's going to be fun! :)

Kristie (J) said...

I loved Suzanne Brockman up till this book. But I hated Meg so much, it pretty much killed my desire to read any more of her books and I haven't read a new one by her since.

Melody said...

Hey Julia, I know how much you LOVE Suzanne Brockmann's series! Yes, please influence Alice in reading her books, LOL!

Alice Teh said...

*Pouting at Melody*

Now Mel, don't you go giving Julia more ideas. LOLOL.

Julia said...

LOL Melody - I will do the best I can to influence Alice to read Suz Brockmann's books LOL!

Alice - just try the first book and see what you think of it. If you don't like it, that okay with me. You can hurt me later for that LOL

Kristie Hi! You know, I wish you didn't stop on "The Defiant Hero" because the next book "Over the Edge" is my favorite book. Lot of good action going on that one. And many characters developed with their relationship. But like you, I didn't like Meg either. She was my least favorite character. Thanks for stopping by :)