Thursday, September 13, 2007

Comfort Food

Booking Through Thursday

Okay . . . picture this (really) worst-case scenario: It’s cold and raining, your boyfriend/girlfriend has just dumped you, you’ve just been fired, the pile of unpaid bills is sky-high, your beloved pet has recently died, and you think you’re coming down with a cold. All you want to do (other than hiding under the covers) is to curl up with a good book, something warm and comforting that will make you feel better.

What do you read?

(Any bets on how quickly somebody says the Bible or some other religious text? A good choice, to be sure, but to be honest, I was thinking more along the lines of fiction…. Unless I laid it on a little strong in the string of catastrophes? Maybe I should have just stuck to catching a cold on a rainy day….)

Okay when I think of comfort read, I think of a book that I can escape from and forget about everything else. Just sitting in bed and be by myself for awhile. SO I couldn't just pick one.

I might turn to my favorite classic books, mostly my childhood favorite. Or I might read a book from Nicolas Sparks. Many of his books have inspirational. And the books might get me in touch with being closer to someone I loved who died recently. But than, I might want to laugh a little and would chose to read Janet Evanovich's Stephanie's Plum books. Those are a laugh a minute everytime. And there are yummy men to drool over. These books always make me cheerful and smiles.

But nothing compare to reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Everytime I read it, I felt like am a kid who is sitting down on the floor and listening to Diana telling me one of the greatest book in history. I can truly see myself escape from her books and not worry about anything else. It will swept me away into the history back to the places where Clare end up and fall in love with Jamie all over again. I'd be pulled into the adventures and the battle they faced. And felt like I was with them everywhere they go. The book is too much detailed and too many fact about the battle war, but once you get pass through all that - it is worth it when the scenes focus on Jamie and his love for Clare. Every scenes with them is heart warming, romantic and yet sad too. Their love for one another made me appreciate things around me and the people in my life. So yes, I can escape into Outlander :)

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!


Dreamy said...

Outlander! Now there's a series I haven't tried but has enough books that Instant gratification is RIGHT AT MY HANDS mwahahaha. I like your choices

Julia said...

Dreamy - do try Outlander. They're great. Don't let the heavy deatailed and battle turn you off. Because once you get through all that, the scenes with Jamies and Clare is worth it IMO :)

Thanks for stopping by! :) Happy BTT to you

Marianne Arkins said...

I'm fairly certain I'm the only person in the world who didn't like "Outlander" -- I hear so many amazing things about it, I don't know why it won't click.

Thanks for visiting earlier!

Trish said...

I've heard really good things about Gabaldon, but haven't picked anything up by her yet. *shame on me* I need something funny too! Thanks for coming by earlier!

Chris said...

I loooooove Outlander!

Mei said...

I've never read Outlander; you've never read Anne ... we should swap book lists!

Pam said...

I've never read Outlander either. I will definitely have to check it out! I'm a sucker for Sparks too. Looking forward to his new one coming out here soon.

Melody said...

I've not read the Outlander series, and as you know... the books are so thick! LOL.

Alice Teh said...

I've seen Janet Evanovich's books in the bookshops but I haven't bought any. Maybe I'll try one one of these days. :D

Julia said...

Marianne - I know that Outlander is either a hit or miss for everyone :) I know for sure there lot other who feel the same way as you. Don't worry :)

Trish - Let me know how you like it once you try it :)

Chris - Great! I love Outlander too! Now...if only I can get myself to read ABOSAA, which I been delaying for some time now. Just waiting for the right moment :)

Mei - Sure, maybe we do need to swap book *grin*

Pam - Me too, looking forward to Sparks'books. You should give Outlander a try, atlease once :)

Melody - Of course, I know you're frighten by thick books...AND series books. Although it take someone else to get your read it..not me LOL

Alice - Yes do try Janet Evanovic books. They are funny and a laugh out loud a minute *grin*. And dreamy guys...yummy..hehe

Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a good weekend!