Monday, September 10, 2007

Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare

(Romantic Suspense)
Pamela Clare website
4 half stars

Kara McMillan, a single mom and journalist reporter, has given up on men after her boyfriend dumped her when he found out she was pregnant. It have been more than 5 years now, and most of her priority is focus on her job and her son. But everything changed when her friend Holly took her to a bar, buy her drinks and tell her to find someone she want to spent the night with and make her intentions be known. Enter Senator Reece Sheridan, the man she had interviewed over the phone but never met. Although she have only seen him from the front page papers, she thought he is good looking in person. After many Margarita later, the conversation about sex and Kara being drunk made her act like an idiot.....enough for her to feel embarrassment the next day after she remember the things she said last night. But Reece find himself having fun and enjoy her company that he ask her out on a date a few day later. One date lead to another, and their love affair take them to next levels.

Kara next assignment take her to dangerous risk, when she was given a lead by whistleblower about something happen near the factory in Denver area. She went to investigate and found something that she feel she need to report. But to prove it existed, she must have the whistleblower's video tapes and the state health department documents. But someone has threaten her life because she won't stop and back off. And suddenly, now their love affair has turn into political scandal and had attempts on Kara life and even her career. And not only that, she had put her family in danger as well.

The book started out great, but than the story began to slowly moved along and it all about the issues of Kara investigation mostly on environment issues. It also almost(but not really) slowly took the characters time to built up their attraction before they get to bedroom scenes. But when it finally did happen, some scenes was sensual love scenes and sexually romantic. And the action pick up in middle too. I love how Kara's son Connor interacted with Reece and accepted him in his mother life. And I love how Reece understood how hard it was for single mom like Kara to struggle with being there for her son and going to work everyday. Both Kara and Reece has a common likeness with past family background. Both characters were likable. Kara was brave, strong and determined person. And Reece was patience, kind, sweet and a tough guy.

Extreme Exposure was a easy pace reading with sexual romance, likable characters and good plot. I didn't get that wow moments even though there was/is some hot scenes and when a bit of action finally happen. Also when someone redeem themself and did wonderful thing at the end. But I enjoy the book and think it was good. I consider reading the next book, but I think that will be a couple few days :)

Extreme Exposure is part of a series and it the first book. It continue with Hard Evidence and with the novella "Heaven Can't Wait" in Catch of the Day. The next installment is Unlawful Contact


Melody said...

As you already knew, I have this book in my pile as well, Julia! I don't think I have read this one yet, although I did read the next installment. ;)

Julia said...

Melody - yes I already know that you've already read the 2nd installment book. I remember you waves about it hehehe.

I really want to know what you think on this book, once you grab it from your TBR pile and read it :)

Melody said...

Sure, Julia. I will let you know once I have read the first book. :)

Julia said...

Great! Because am seeing good reviews on it at other website but two of my friends who I normally trust with their reviews gave it a average grade instead of 5 stars. And am wondering if I gave it my fair opinion of the grade LOL

Kristie (J) said...

I was OK on this one - I gave it a 3.5, but I really enjoyed Hard Evidence. I'll be interested to see which one you like best. I know there are some readers who preferred Extreme Exposure - but me - Hard Evidence.

Kristie (J) said...

Of course after I hit publish I remember why it didn't work as well for me. I have a Real Hard time buying a politician as a hero ;)
Any politician of any political party.

Julia said...

Kristie - yes the hero is into politician, but he was trying to prove to his class...something. I forgot what it was hehe. But I was trying to wack my brain to why I grade it 4 1/2 stars, since it could have been 5. But than as you said about the politican thing, that might be the reason *shrug*...I dunno.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Darla said...

I had to look up my comments on this one--I didn't really say anything, and I gave it 4 stars. I really enjoyed Hard Evidence, though--hopefully you will, too.

Do you have Catch of the Day? I wasn't too impressed with the novella in that one.

I looked up Unlawful Contact, but Pamela Clare's website just says "late 2007", and it's not on Amazon yet. *shrug* Hope I don't forget about looking for it.

Julia said...

Darla - I see that lot of people like Hard Evidence much more than Extreme Exposure. So I hope I will too. I also checked on your review on this book too *grin*. I just went to her website, and at her blog she said Unlawful Contact will be out in April 1st. Just copy and paste, if you can't see it just look under her August month from her archives. Also you'll be able to see her cover art for the book on the September page.

I do not have a copy of Catch of the Day. I may have to look it up to see who other authors' story is in this novella. :)