Sunday, September 09, 2007

Into the Night by Suzanne Brockmann

(Contemporary Military Romance)
Suzanne Brockmann website
4.5 stars

This is the next installment to Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter team 16 series. This is the 5th book and I'm re-reading this with my friend Angela. I finish the book on Sept 5th, but I just now start published it today instead.

A White House Public Relations Assistant, Joan DaCosta is sent to serves as liaison and setup a demonstration of SEAL rescue techniques when the President decides to present an award to the team at their naval base in San Diego. It was there when she met Mike Muldoon, who is assigned to interact with civilians who come to the naval base for a tour. He end up having attraction toward her, but Joan put a stop to it and tell him that he is too young for her and that she think of him as "little brother".

The WWII background is about Vince DaCosta and Charlotte Fletcher DaCosta, who is Joan's grandparent. Vince is a veteran of WWII, who fought in the Pacific and also was injured at "Bloody Tarawa". During the war, Charlotte met Vince while she was working in a Senator's office in Washington, D.C. And because Vince knew that her first husband died at Pearl Harbor, he thought he is second to Charlotte heart. But in truth, he never knew that he was always first in her heart.

Than we see the next installment of rising heartbreak relationship between Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke as they tried to hide their feeling for each other and move on with their lives. Sam start to speculate the relationship between Alyssa and Max. Sam is now married to Mary Lou, who is a SEAL groupie and the mother of his baby. She thought that if she married a SEAL, with a home and a baby, it would bring her automatic happiness. But never have she known that she got lot of lesson to be learn. Through out their marriage, Sam was miserable without his Alyssa.

Ihbraham Rahman, is born in Saudi Arabia but he's naturalized American citizen. Mary Lou thinks that he is "the yard guy" since he always is seen in the neighbor, cutting someone lawn. She find that it help to tell him her problem when she with him. But than she later discover something about him, that she wonder if he is who he said he is. And this worry her because she think she have fallen in love with him.

Into the Night is less adventure, a little action but is more romance and a bit of sad heartbreak. The exciting part happen at the half end of the pages. You will met up with the Troubleshooter team 16 and FBI: Jules and Max again. And including other new players. There are so many times that I want to slap Joan on the head, because she drive me nuts. And Mike, even though he is good looking and sweet he drive me nuts too. And Sam, Alyssa and Mary Lou drama just make me sad but yet I want to slap them too *grin*. I did enjoy the book, but it is one of my least favorite of the series.


Melody said...

Hey Julia! Glad you enjoyed the book, even though it was a re-read. :)

Hope you have a great weekend.

Julia said...

Meoldy - even though this is re-read, it was still fun to read. Even though lot of stuff happen in each books.

My weekend was okay. I hope your weekend was more fun than mine :)

Alice Teh said...

Hey Julia, I bought two of Suzanne's book at Gone Too Far, and Ladies' Man. :)

Julia said...

Alice - that great that you got Gone Too Far ! But did you know that it actually book #6h? Please read the series in order. Because you'll be able to see the relationship/romance developed with each characters and understand everything lot more.

Here the order the book is to be read

The Unsung Hero
The Defiant Hero
Over the Edge
Out of Control
Into the Night
Gone Too Far
Hot Target
Breaking Point
Into the Storm
Force of Nature (this is latest book)

I think I've read Ladies' Man and even wrote review on it. Check it out if when you've the time to read my review on it :)

Alice Teh said...

Oh... Julia how I wish I can read in sequence... The bookstores here just don't carry them at all!! *pout*

Nevertheless, I'll still read book #6 and see how things go. LOL.

I'm a sucker for reading in sequence especially those in series but hey, sometimes have to make do. LOL. Will see what happens, Julia. Thanks for listing them in order. Really appreciate it! :)

Julia said...

Alice - oh no, that too sad that they don't carry all of them over there. It would have been better if you read it in order, since there are some characters relationship developed. However, every plot in the series books are always different. The only things is previous characters make appearance or you see their next installment of romance developed.

I think it okay for you to read Gone Too Far out of order, since that book is the HEA ending to Sam Starrett and Alyssa story ( one of my favorite characters). After that, you'll be seeing brand new group. There are 3 groups that Suz's write about in this series. Troubleshooter (team 16), Troubleshooter Inc.(Tom's team) and FBI. And you'll see previous characters appear there too.

And of course, if I said anything wrong..someone can just go ahead and jump in to correct me on it...thanks! :)