Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare

*notice - This book is suppose to be my October read. Since I started it in that month. So, consider this a October book, even though it November 3rd, today *grin* - *end notice*

(Romance Suspense)
Pamela Clare website
4 1/2 stars

Tessa Novak, an investigative journalist reporter for the Denver Independent newspaper, witness a murder of a teenager girl at the gas station where she only wanted to get cup of coffee. The memories of the girl begging for help leave Tessa angry that she didn't help the girl fast enough before her death. She saw a mysterious man in black leather jacket, lurking behind the crime scene tape and wonder if he is the man she saw before he murder the young teen girl.

The man happen to be Julian Darcangelo, an undercover FBI agent who is working with the Denver police to catch a trail of a human trafficker and the killer. Not only is Julian worry of Tessa accusation of him which might blow his cover, he also worry that now she is the target of the killer. To protect her name from witness file, he want her off the investigation for the newspaper. But Tessa won't give up. She want to fight for justice for the teenager girl death, no matter how dangerous she knew if she continue to investigated. Julian knew that Tess is smart woman who can handle herself. He had to admire how quickly Tess discover the truth of his real reason he is working for the cop, and that the crime isn't gang related.

But both will fight for each other trust and physically attraction. They also want solve the murder and bring down all the bad guys, before the killer get through them first. The only thing is, Julian knew who the criminal are, but just had to be careful since he believe there is a link either from FBI or the cop department.

I think that Hard Evidence was a good book. I enjoy it very much better than Extreme Exposure and thought that it was more realistic, to me. I think the reason is that I love a cop heroes (or FBI, military,assassin,..etc). I love Julian and Tess and how they interacted, even though it took them a while longer to get in bedroom. Of course you will see a few intense attraction before the bedroom scenes *grin*. But once they gone to the bedroom, it is hot! I like that Tess is strong, determined and a logical person. She brave through all the danger to seek the justice for that young girl. Even though she is scared in the inside.

You met up with Kara and Reece who was the main heroine/heroe from the first book Extreme Exposure (Read my review here ). You also met up the rest of the cast members of the Denver Independent newspapers staff. And some of the staff members will get their own story in the next futures *grin*.

I like the book and enjoy it. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment to this series.

Here the list in order to read:

1. Extreme Exposure
2. Heaven Can't Wait (anthology of "Catch of the Day")
3. Hard Evidence
4. Unlawful Contact will release in April 2008

I'm not sure if Heaven Can't Wait is part of this series. Since it is in the anthology of Catch of the Day. And I notice a friend have add it, when she gave the list in order the books is to be read. If it is, read it in order that I typed above. If not, just ignore #2 :)


Melody said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this book, Julia! I had a great time reading this one as well. :)

Julia said...

Melody - I'm glad that you'd great time reading it as much as I did. After I see Julian for the first time and the things he does...was very sexy *grin*