Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Man Who Loved Christmas by Kathryn Shay

Contemporary Romance (Superromance)
Kathryn Shay's website
4 1/2 stars

This is the 2nd installment to the America's Bravest trilogy. The cover (at the top) is English version but my friend Angela , sent me the UK version (click to see the UK cover). Again I think I like the UK cover because imo, it show real people. It been sitting in my TBR pile for longest time, and I finally break down and read these books. I hope to be able to finish the next two books quickly. I loves Kathryn Shay's books -- firefighter...yummy heroes!

Firefighter Dylan O'Roarke and EMS instructor Beth Winter have been nemeses for such a long time. Both never seem to agree on things. Ever since Beth has been his instructor for the EMS class, to allowed anyone who joined the academy to learn to perform basic first aid and medical care, she has been critical with him of the risk he take in dangerous situation even though she ignore the fact that people though of him as heroism. They never been civil with each other since.

Now bad luck has been on their side, as they once again are put together. This time they have work together to instructs and train the new recruits student about EMS. Dylan suddenly felt attractive to her and no matter how much their clash became inevitable, he willing to put his anger aside and just become Beth "sex partner". They try to be friend without fighting and work out on their different. He soon learn what is it that made Beth " stone cold" toward people all the time. But in light of the season, he always bring spirit of Christmas to everyone - and try to give Beth the heart she need even when he learn of her heartbreak past. Dylan O,Roarke learned to live life to the fullest and to cherish women from his own deceased, beloved Grandma Katie. It Beth decision to take his heart or remain aloof.

The Man Who Loved Christmas is a wonderful feeling story with lot of likable characters (some from previous book: Feel the Heat. The tension between the two main characters Dylan and Beth, who is opposites of each other and fall in love, were delightful and emotionally real (even though sometime I want to bang Beth head). The fear, the risk and the training firefighter take were carefully research by the author. Great book! I can't wait to read the next installment book :)

The America's Bravest Trilogy books:

1. Feel the Heat (click titles to read review)
2. The Man Who Loved Christmas
3. Code of Honor
4. The Fire Within


Melody said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the book. I didn't know that Kathryn Shay is writing for Harlequin too. ;)

Julia said...

Yes I do enjoy it :)

And about you not knowing Shay's writing for Harlequin....no comments hehehe ;)

Jaimie said...

Sounds like a fun book. I love the ones that take place at Christmas or other holidays.

Julia said...

Jaimie - I think you might enjoy the trilogy. Kathryn Shay is wonderful :)