Monday, May 12, 2008

All Through the Night by Suzanne Brockmann

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4.5 stars

Yes this is novella and it is Jules and Robin wedding book. So it give the reader an option whether they want to read this book or not. I don't think you'll miss anything, except the past characters make appearance through out the book. So if you want to know what going on with the book. Otherwise read it for Jules and Robin HEA ;) :)

FBI agent Jules Cassidy is finally going to ties the knot with the man of his dream, Hollywood hearthrob Robin Chadwick. It it near Christmas in Boston, Massachusetts. So why not have the wedding of the century in mid December. But things started to go wrong when the house they moved in together were leaking from kitchen ceiling, an bat were found in attic and there were an old family tensions. A Globe reporter Will Schroeder, crashed their wedding shower. And the tape end up in the wrong hand which reveal an interview with Robin. Then their Thanksgiving were ruined when Jules was sent to rescue people from Kandahar. And an old ex lover came back to their lives, to warn them of an celebrity stalker who believe they're robot and need to be eliminate.

Through all the chao, all the FBI, Navy SEALs Team Sixteen and Troubleshooter Incorporated are all invited to the wedding. And you'll see what been going on with them. Then there a romance between Dolphina Patel, Robin/Jules personal assistant, and Will Schroeder who fall in love.

But nothing going to stop their wedding because what they got is more bigger then chao that is thrown at them - True Love.

All Through the Night was an romantic, emotional, heartfelt and delightful story. Easy and fast reading with touch of humors. Wonderful group of old and new characters meeting and entwined together. It just the perfect book to read during Christmas holiday.

I love the result of their HEA for Jules and Robin. I love that Robin and Sam friendship interacted, even though you can tell both men love Jules and wanted to protect him from being hurt. One of the scene with Robin and Sam was interesting and one of my personal favorite part. Including scene with Sam and Jules. I love seeing all the team: FBI, Team Sixteen and Troubleshooter Incorporated meet each other again. Including seeing their relationship interaction with Jules. It might sound corny but I love when that happen :) All the news update on them was surprise and delightful. I laugh a couple times and smiles alot. Only thing I'm concern with is that one of the character who have not been heard from since "Out of Control" is...missing. It as if he just drop at the end of the earth. I won't mention the name, because it'll be a spoil. Well it not spoil -- but you weren't want to know which characters made appearance and which did not, do you? ;)

I love All Through the Night ! It was wonderful! I just can't wait to read the next installment Into the Fire in July 2008!


Melody said...

I know you enjoyed reading this, Julia. Am not sure if I'll get this, but we shall see... anyway, I haven't finished the other installments, yet. ;P

Julia said...

I sure did enjoy it. And as I said before, you can skip the book. You won't miss a thing :) Unless if you have read the books in order, and want to know what been happing to past characters -- then read it hehe.

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, you're singing a really good song for Suzanne's books. I'm tempted but I'd focus on Nora first. I really, really love her work. Thanks to you! :D

Julia said...

Alice- ohhh I love the thought of me singing good song for Suzanne Brockmann LOL. My only concern is about the two characters that I don't know you would want to read about cause you may be uncomfortable about. :)

Your welcome! Glad that you like Nora's work. She is great with what she write :)

Now the next book I think you should try reading is..."Three Fates". I believe it also in paperback. Good luck in find it! I love that book too! ;)